Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Outside looking in

I am on my final day of my first round of Clomid. I haven't experience near the side effects that I have heard others complain about. I have not had any crying fits or any mood swings. Hopefully those won't come after today either. I have however experienced some serious hot flashes! I thought this cartoon was cute and fitting!

Then there is the ever present dizziness and light headed feelings. Those I do have since taking this. I can be rocking along just fine and then BAM I see stars! Not really, but you get the point. It's almost like I'm outside myself looking in...if that makes any sense. I told Nicole today that I almost ran clear off the road today while driving to work and I was WATCHING WHERE I WAS GOING!!! It's like I was having delayed reactions!

Oh, and this is the worst I think...cotton mouth. I can not get enough water to save my life! I know I'm hurting the environment with all the bottles of water I am going through right now. Here's my major malfunction (at least Jon thinks it is): I only like Dasani bottled water. Can y'all taste the difference in bottled waters? Jon says you can't but I certainly can. If I'm stopping at a gas station or store and I'm going to grab a bottle of water, it will be this brand every time...if they are out...Dr. Pepper here I come!

The first two days I had some jitters...like I was taking speed up my heart pills...or at least what I imagine those to feel like. All in all, not too bad! We are praying that this first month works and that not only do these cause ovulation but that maybe this first month will do the trick and us be expecting. I know that may be a lot to ask, but people, patience is not a trait I was blessed with. I steadily work on trying to get better at it and while I know that everything will happen in God's time...I would just like to think that He knows me well enough to decide MY time and HIS time coincide!!!
Side note...Lasik is still the greatest thing ever! My vision is getting so much better every day. However, my right eye is a little bit more sore than I expected. I'm pretty sure that it's because I left my eye drops at home today on accident. Smart, right? I go back Thursday for another follow up and I'm hoping that it's better before then so he can't yell at me!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Lasik, Clomid and 1099's

So, I'm obviously not doing any better about my blogging. Every time I think I'm going to sit down and type something into this little box a phone rings, my son calls out, my husband wants to eat...well, maybe the TV calls my name too!

I got Lasik surgery yesterday!!! Randomly I had scheduled an appointment for Wednesday to see if I was even a candidate and as it turns out, I was. When I was leaving they told me that the doctor would call me after reviewing my charts to make certain that I could do the procedure. Good Golly, but it was only about an hour later when they called to see if I could come in on Thursday for my final consultation and my Lasik. I think it was for the best to do it that quickly...as I'm prone to backing out of things as fear takes over!! I went in yesterday and waited in the waiting room for over an hour and a half to be called back. Can I please just tell all of you (2 people) that still read this blog that I about left then. I finally got to the back, met the doctor, got a few more "measurements" done and then it was laser time. I am pretty sure that I almost forgot to breathe...in fact, they kept having to remind me "in through the nose and out through the mouth"!! It is a little freaky if you want to know the truth! However, freak outs and strangeness aside, it may have been the best money that I've ever spent. I can't tell you how fabulous it is to be sitting here typing while not wearing glasses that fall down from my face or contacts that cloud up from too much wear and grit! Woo Hoo...y'all should do it too if you haven't already!

I also finally got around to going back to my OBGYN on Monday. I had been having some really strange, really long cycles...I'm talking like anywhere from 40-50 days at a time in between. Then when I would get them it would be not nearly the same as usual. Several of my family and close friends had been on me to go to the doctor but I've gotta tell you that the thought of visiting his office again after last year was a bit more than I thought I could take. Obviously I proved myself wrong as I'm sitting here now. I did however have a few crying fits in his office as cute little preggos girls walked in and out and newborns came with mommies for followup appointments! I don't begrudge anyone who is pregnant, it was just super hard for me in there considering how my last visit ended. However, I was slightly even more dishearted when this young girl walked in with a belly-out-to-there, reaking of smoke, looking like she hasn't bathed in weeks, while her boyfriend talked about partying over the weekend. I mean really? They make it look so easy!!

My incredibly sweet doctor started by walking in the door and telling me how glad he was that I was willing to come see him again and that he intended to do everything in his power to make this next time that I left his office much happier for me. We did determine that I have stopped ovulating...no clue why. I suspect it's fairly common though. The good doctor decided to put me on a Prover/Clomid cocktail for the next 3 months while doing blood work on the 21st day to see if ovulation actually occured. He says that if these meds do actually induce an ovulatory cycle that "IF" I am "ACTIVE" during the "PEAK" times that I would have like a 75-80% chance of getting pregnant in the next 3 months. I was supposed to take the Provera for 10 days first but apparently my body responded faster as my cycle began just 2 days after on the Provera. I began the Clomid today. Here's to hoping that it works and that it doesn't turn me into the basket case that it has several of my family & friends! We will go to the specialist if in 3 months ovulation hasn't occurred.

Lastly, I can't tell y'all how stressful January was for me. I have the unfortunate responsibility of getting all of the 1099's out for our entire company. I wound up having to make LOADS of corrections to entries in the bookkeeping and then went on to print about 1200 1099's and about 15 W2's. Thankfully I had some help from two of my newer "helpers" making sure that the addresses, socials and tax ID #'s were correct. Hopefully we won't get many calls this year from people who think they should have made "less" money this year!!

I'm going to charge my camera folks so maybe I can have it ready week after next for our trip to Puerto Rico. Maybe I'll actually have pictures to SHARE!!!