Thursday, May 21, 2009

Show Us Where You Live Friday - DINING ROOMS

It's Friday again, well technically it will be in 21 minutes, and it's time for us to browse around other folks homes! I love this part of the week. My favorite time of year is during the holidays when our little town has it's annual "Tour of Homes" fun. Anyway, head on over to Kelly's blog if you want to participate!

Here is a picture of my dining room from the entry area of our home. This is my favorite room in my home and it is unfortunately the least used! Once again you will see me rustic, Texas style! This mirror I got from a boutique in town before it closed down, it was 1/2 price and my favorite part is that it's made of rough barnwood.
This is a view from my kitchen. Again, the window treatment is mostly leather, but I absolutely love this one!
This is my antique cabinet/table and glasses that I found at a store in Dallas. It's so pretty and the doors are leather.
My favorite thing in this room is the actual table. I found this at the same antique store as the piece above. The tabletop is supposed to be real copper...who knows if it really is or not and I was really drawn to the pattern on the chairs. I found this centerpiece (which you can't see all of) from First Monday at Canton.
Come back by next Friday and maybe you'll get a peek at the little ones room...if it's clean enough...which is asking a LOT!!!

I scream, you scream...

We all scream for ice cream!
Lucas after the ice cream truck came down the beach. See how it's all over him? It was super hot and it melted super fast!
Luke definitely is Jon made over. He was pretending to surf-fish like Jon does every year. He is not at all afraid of the waves and water...which ultimately terrifies me.
I think this is from when he was building a sand castle. He has fun. You can see here that the seaweed is in right now...but despite that, it was still nice to have a little R&R at the beach last weekend.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Lucas had his first Tball practice yesterday. I say that but really it was nothing more than a "meet and greet" for the kids to get to know each other and to meet our coach. It's funny because living in the town that we grew up in you always find someone on one of your kids sports teams that you went to school with. This year it just happens to be our new coach! Do you guys remember Cole Sellers? He has got two cute little boys under the age of 3 and one more kiddo on the way. So sweet!

Here's where socks fit in. They got into the huddle at the end of practice and Cole said "Oh yeah, we are the Red Socks". All the kids look totally confused. This one cute little boy looked down at his feet and said, "Nuh, uh, my socks are WHITE"!! All the parents died laughing! So Cole asks the kids if they like the Red Socks and ALL of them told him that they only had white socks and didn't have any red ones. Only kids that age!!

It made me laugh anyway!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

In keeping with MckMama's Not Me Monday we go.

Friday I did not realize that my house payment was about to be late and call the bank to have the money transfered over immediately. I did not get online to pay it the week before and then get side tracked while looking at blogs and shopping for clothes that I do not need. Let's not tell the husband this one!!

Saturday while we were at the beach I certainly did not let my little one get sunburned. I would never have forgotten to reapply it to his creamy skin after being at the beach and in the water for 2 hours. I was not so involved in reading my new book that I didn't take notice that his skin was turning a light shade of pink...which the next morning was red as a fire engine. Not I!!

This morning, I did not have a near meltdown when my dad & one of my siblings were trying to play a small trick on me. I did not lose my temper and nearly start crying when my dad told me that my brother was trying to set him up with a MUCH younger woman...who is only about 25. I wouldn't have thrown such a fit and then realized that they were only telling me that to see what kind of reaction that they could get out of me. Nope, not me!

Oh yeah, I most certainly did not shop online today for cute summer dresses while I was supposed to be working through my lunch break. I did not purchase 3 of them and have them rush delivered because I wanted to try them on so quickly.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

On my block...

You would not BELIEVE what my kid said to me last night. It was getting late and it was time for bed. I was sitting on the couch and Jon was in one of the recliners while Lucas was running around. I told Lucas that it was time for us to go get PJ's on and get into bed. He told me "No, I don't want to" then he proceeded to climb onto Jon's lap. So, what did I do? I repeat myself and tell him that it is time for bed and that we need to go now...

Lucas then says, plain as day, "Mommy, I am not on your BLOCK anymore so I don't have to listen to you"...what??? He repeats himself telling me that since he is in his Daddy's lap that he minds his Daddy and that he is not on my block anymore.

Yeah, I asked him where he heard that and he said he saw it on The Fast & The Furious. I looked...yep, it's there. Two of the guys were getting into a fight and one said "Hey, we're not on your block anymore."

Only my son...

Friday, May 8, 2009

Show us where you live - Friday


For those of you who don't follow Kelly's Korner, she has a linky Friday where everyone who wants to participate links pictures of a specific room in there home for the world to see. It is so much fun browsing through all of the hundreds or thousands of photographs to see everyones decorating style and to get ideas for yourself.
Here is a view from one of my hallway doors. I suppose you'll notice that we have a rustic, Texas decor going on here. Plus I really enjoyed the red when I found this couch!
Here is a view of our entertainment center. It actually has a corner piece for each side but it didn't fit...BOO. We used one corner in the master bedroom and one to be shown later. If you can see the knick-knacks you will see that stars are a primary part of this room.
Leather window treatments. These really are leather...whether that is good or bad! I just love them and they suit the room so well.
One of the matching recliners and side tables. These chairs feel like butter...I am in them all the time. I love my lamps. I got them at a Texas antique store, but would you believe that my home builder didn't put any outlets in the floor? I can't even plug them in!!
Here is one of the corner pieces I was telling you about early that belongs with my entertainment center. It's a perfect fit here though.
I love this mirror and this picture does not do it justice. This shelf/accent piece we got from The Bombay Store before it closed down. I'm so sad that store isn't around anymore.
Here is my fireplace. I am a Texan (obviously) and this is what made us fall in love with this house. You may not be able to see it well, but there is a star stoned into the brick. Love it!!
For better or worse, here that is my living room! I hope you enjoyed the mini-tour and I can't wait to see all of yours. Happy Friday!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Something new...

I decided it was time for something new in the hair department. I used to change my hairstyles and color almost as often as I changed my purses! I have been sporting my natural (believe me it's true) color for almost 2 years now. First, I can't believe that I ever let it get that dark and second, I can't believe that I kept it for that long. I have been trying to grow my hair back out after impulsively cutting it off to just below my chin last year.

I have used the same hair dresser, Doyce, for years. My niece has been begging me to let her do mine for a while now. She cuts hair in the evening and on weekends. I decided that I would give in and let her have a go at it.

I love this cut on Jessica Simpson. I like the layering, the bangs, etc. This is the cut I'm going to go for.
Now, this is the color I'm going to try to have her do. I'm going to lighten the locks up some for summer. I actually like my hair dark but it's time for a change. On a side note, I actually had my hair cut exactly like this about 2 years ago. I loved it! If my hair were about 3 inches longer I would do this all over again.
We'll see how the after product looks. I will try to make myself post some pictures up on here afterwards...
**Umm, I wouldn't mind looking like either of them too!!**

Unlikely Source

If any of you read my Not Me! Monday post below this then you would know about the tattoos that were all over my sons arms and legs. You would also know that I had tried soap and a washrag, GermX and a few other solutions to get it off. They just would NOT come off of that child. I kept him out of school yesterday since I didn't figure that his Christian Preschool would appreciate me sending him covered in those!

I called several people and asked what I should use to get them off, everyone that I talked to didn't have any other suggestions that what I had already tried. I was beginning to think that maybe Lucas had snuck out of the house and driven his powerwheel down to the local tattoo parlor and that maybe they were actually real!!

Yesterday afternoon my dad was sitting in my office talking to the little one. I was complaining about those silly tats and how I couldn't get them off. He says, "All you have to use is Nail Polish Remover." WHAT?? Where did that come from. It occurs to me instantly that he is right and that this would have to work if it will take off polish that is caked on for months!! He apparently saw the shock on my face and quickly reminded me that I have 2 sisters under the age of 9 who love body art and a brother who is 14 that used to love it!! Oh yeah, still, never would have gone to Daddy with that one!!

Last night we got out the cotton balls and remover. Lucas enjoyed helping me. It took literally about 3 minutes to remove them all...I had only spent about 20 minutes that morning and the night before trying to get them off.

Thanks Dad!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama is doing a Not Me! Monday on her blog at I would link to this but I'm not certain how!! I was reading through some of the other folks attachments and they were hilarious. I thought I would do it too! **Oh, I figured it out!!**

Last week I did not go through 4 pregnancy tests to see if the answer changed on them? I did not get negative results all 4 times and continue to hope that they were all wrong. I was not so silly as to forget to realize that being on antibiotics for 10 days could delay ones "flo". I also did not inform my husband that he would be on the strictest of schedules until he "knocked me up" again!

Saturday I did not forget to bring Lucas' swim trunks to the cookout. I did not have to drive all the way back home to get one for him. I was not tempted to allow my child swim in a little girls bikini bottoms and just look as though it were a speedo. No sir, not me, it never crossed my mind!

Saturday night I did not allow my grown niece, who is a hair dresser, to "play" with my hair for almost 30 minutes while I relaxed. I did not have her do this while I realized that she was bored to tears. I did not have her do this after she had spent the entire day in the salon doing peoples hair. I most certainly did not feel guilty!

Sunday my family did not take 5 month late Christmas presents to some friends of ours. Those gifts have not been sitting in my home office for 5 months. I am definitely more "with it" than that...I so wouldn't allow that to happen!

This morning I did not keep my near 4yr old out of preschool because he was covered in body tattoos that I could not get to come off. I was not so embarrased by all the art work that I brought him to work with me. I am not blaming it on being afraid of the Swine Flu instead of being honest about the body art!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh Lucas...

whatever will I do with him? Isn't it funny the things kids say and do? I will never understand where he comes up with some of these things.

Yesterday afternoon we went over to The Gilbert's home for a fajita cookout and an all around good time with about six other couples. It was so much fun. Everyone brought their children or their pregnant bellies. At some point during the afternoon one of the kiddos came down hollering "Lucas' mom, Lucas' mom, Lucas and Molly are married, really married!" I proceed to go upstairs to find Lucas and Molly sitting in her play house and Luke immediately says, "Mommy, we're just pretending we are married so it's no big deal really." What? I was just waiting for Phillip to head up the stairs for an off with Luke's head moment!! He takes pride in the protective daddy business!!

Last night we had some late night visitors who brought over their little girl. Jon was watching the boxing match on PPV. This morning I passed by his bedroom and almost had a heart attack. There was not ONE single inch of space not occupied by a toy, book or game. They must have dumped every toy bin out. So I hollered for him and asked what in the world happened. His response: "Mom, a bomb must have exploded in here!" Ummm, where did he learn about a bomb?

Also last night when the above mentioned family were leaving our home we had another surprise. The kids had been playing in his room (obviously) and had gotten pretty quiet. Lucas comes barrelling into the living room with tattoos all up and down his arm and legs. He had no less than 10 tats on his little body. He definitely had help with these. I asked him what he was thinking and his response: "Because I decided to. And mom, they are SO bad...and that means cool." Well, just so I know!

Tonight we met up with Ryan and Ashley for an early dinner. Ryan is always asking Lucas if he wants to come spend the night with them. Now the problem is that they were leaving to go back to Austin to work right after dinner. Lucas said yes. I reminded him that it would be for one whole week, 5 nights. He changed his tune real quick. Now, as we are driving off he says, "Mommy, why is Uncle Rye-Rye, your brother so awful?"...huh? What? Jon & I ask him what he's talking about. Here is the answer: "Well, he is ALWAYS trying to steal me away from you and Daddy and that's awful." Hehehe, I guess he's not actually old enough for those week long sleepovers!!