Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Page

I know, I still haven't posted pictures as Michelle reminded me. I really will try to do that from home tonight. I don't have much else going on with the rain.

I have been meaning to refresh my blogging background for a good while now. When I saw the quote on the top of this one...I knew that I just had to have it. This quote makes perfect sense to me and it's pretty much my mantra lately. It's thinking like this that helps me get through each day.

I have had so many days lately that I get down on myself and then someone (usually mom) reminds me of just how lucky I really am. I see all the devastation on the news with the economy, the murders and all those things do is depress me. I get especially choked up when I see something about babies and children being slain or mistreated by family/parents. Don't those people know how many others there are out there that would give up everything they've got to have a chance at a family? I blessed enough to already have a family and the ability to expand mine...regardless of past circumstances. I don't fear that my house will be taken from me or that I will not be able to feed my Lucas. I do complain about gas prices fluctuating but at least I can put gas in my car. I have much to smile about!

Hence, the smile quote!

Soapbox anyone?

Monday, March 23, 2009

Isn't it just my...

LUCK...I brought my camera to the office today so I could post some pictures of the boys from our fun weekend away. I plug it into my computer to transfer the new pictures only to find that my camera is dead! I knew that I should have done this last night while I had the time and was at home. Argh!

I suppose I will try again tonight after Zumba, training appointment and Jon's softball game. Oh yeah...back to reality!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hump Day...

Oh my goodness, I woke up this morning and thought it was Thursday. Little did I know that I was getting ahead of myself! I am SO tired this morning but it's by my own doing. I couldn't seem to close my eyes last night so I lay in bed watching some random TV shows (18 kids & counting, Kids by the Dozen, etc) until almost 1:30 this morning. I know, I've lost it!

Jon & I decided that we wouldn't do anything super fun until Friday. Friday we are taking Lucas and his cousin to San Antonio. We know that we are going to brave SeaWorld on Saturday but I'm not sure what we will do Friday afternoon. I had thought maybe Fiesta Texas but it just won't work...I want to ride the rides, not the kids! I got so frustrated last night looking for a hotel that I just gave up. The ones I wanted were booked, the ones that were available didn't have very good reviews. I mean seriously, the we stay by the Riverwalk, by SeaWorld, near Fiesta Texas??? What happened to times that you just could get in the car and drive and there would be availability at every hotel you passed on the way?

Monday, March 16, 2009


Today Lucas is at his Aunt Aha's house! He was thrilled to be going over there for the day. He used to be at their house regularly but lately we haven't seen them as much. I think that life has just kind of gotten in the way for everyone around us! could be the fact that my family has been infected by the flu, ear infections, parvo (pups), etc.

It's spring break for all of the schools here in town and since Lucas goes to a private preschool, he doesn't really get a spring break. There is no curriculum of course, but he still can go. We thought we'd keep him out on Monday & Friday and have him go 1/2 days the rest of the week. We would like to take him to do fun activities some days of the week. I have a list of possibilities which include the zoo, Dallas World Aquarium, Chuck E Cheese's, Amazing Jakes, Six Flags and many more. I guess we will decide the day of which one we are doing. I'm guessing Six Flags will be much too crowded and we will never make that one!

Hopefully I will have my camera handy when we do these activities so I can get some pictures posted on here of my little man having some fun!

Weekend Recap...

I can't believe that I am saying this but I am so glad it's Monday. We had what I like to call a good weekend in our house. I think that I am so eager for a full week of normalcy and zero sickness that I've been looking forward to today!

Friday night Lucas had his cousin Rylan spend the night with him. We picked them up and took them to play games at Dave & Busters for a few hours. It was a treat because he never has anyone over. He seems to be getting at the age where he wants that to happen. He thinks he should be spending the night at Aunt Tobey's next...but without her making him wear a pull-up to bed. Lucas hasn't worn a pull-up to bed in well over a year. One night he spent the night at Tobey's and she wasn't sure about it so she had him wear a pull-up to bed. He came home so MAD at her! It was hilarious!!

Saturday I woke up with what I think was food poisoning. I felt awful from about 2am to 10am. Then I began feeling absolutely normal. I think it was the shrimp from D&B's. We had a pretty unproductive day. We ran errands as a family, checked out the new Best Buy in Waxahachie and went to see The Barron's new house!! We are excited to have them closer by. The Barron's and The Gilbert's came over for dinner and to watch the basketball game. Again, Lucas was so excited to get to play with Molly!

Sunday I drove to Corinth to see The Vaughn family and to meet their newest addition, Kate Elizabeth. Since I don't have a baby girl of my own, I'm a little obsessed with buying Kate frilly little girl stuff! To be honest it was just a super soft blanket and a couple of outfits from The Plaid Donkey & Elements of Style. I took Brody a GeoTrax Train and Mack the truck from Cars. Brody plays with them when he is at our house and I figured that Kate was probably getting so many goodies from everyone that it well deserved that Bro got some too! He is the sweetest little child. He makes me smile every time I think about him. Lucas & Jon adore him too. Michelle looked a little sore but not nearly as tired as I had expected her to. She is such a good mommy! Kate was beautiful and was a serene little thing while I was holding her. I hear from her family that she has quite the set of lungs too! She was a perfect little angel while I was there. Justin was definitely a proud daddy. He is such a good man. I have always been thankful that Michelle & Justin found each other! I like to fictitiously take credit for not my doing but definitely God's! Vaughn's...I am so happy and proud of your new family of four!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We got Maggie, our boxer, back from the vet this evening. They seem to think that she will be just fine. Yea! Lucas was super excited to get her home. They are playing in the floor as I type. She is a handful and a big-ole baby.

Lucas is still sick. He's on his 4th day of antibiotic. He continues to have a fever but it does go down. It seems that once I think we are home free...up it rises! Jon & I have been switching out since Friday with who stays at home with him. Tomorrow is mine but I brought quite a large stack of work home with me. I'm hoping to blow through it in the morning so I can spend the afternoon playing with Lucas and Maggie.

I was back on the workout track yesterday. I'm hoping to make Zumba tomorrow afternoon...IF all goes well. Jon is back to playing softball 3 nights a week...SO my schedule revolves around when his games are. I'm hoping for an 8pm game.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


I thought that maybe after running rampant with all the negatives in our house (below post) that it was time to put some positives out there. Here are just a few things that I am thankful for.

1. Lucas is beginning to feel better and has enough energy to play in his bedroom today.
2. Even with all of the craziness this weekend I still got to spend some time with my Mom, Ryan and Ashley.
3. My husband bought me some goodies today from Lowe's. He got me two of the most adorable, huge boot planters for either side of my front door...he even planted lilies in them this afternoon.
4. I hear my son giggling right now as he watches Beverly Hills Chihuahua for the 2nd time today.
5. I'm so anxious for Kate Elizabeth Vaughn's arrival that I can hardly sit still. Logan's crib looks like it threw up baby girl clothes!!
6. Nicole & Jamey are almost back in Waxahachie! A week left! Yea!
7. The Snocone stand opened back up for the season. Man am I craving a Purple Passion snowcone!
8. That I am, despite everything, happy, healthy and loved!
9. I am blessed by tons of wonderful friends who make me smile daily with their funny blogs, facebook posts, quirky emails, interesting texts and time consuming phone calls.
10. I have a car to drive, a roof over my head, food in my fridge and a bed that will be calling my name soon!!!
11. That Jon & I can begin trying again this month if it strikes our fancy!! Decisions, decisions...for which I am thankful to get the opportunity to make.

I know that there are PLENTY more, but there are my top 11 for the day!

Dang it, dang it, dang it...

I'm telling you that every time we take a step forward in this house we take two giant jumps backwards. It has been a ridiculous few weeks. Please, oh please, let me break it down for you.

LUCAS: Went to the doctor on Feb 25th for the flu. He took his meds like he was supposed to and five days later felt fine. He went back to school. I pick him up on Thursday to the look of sad/sick eyes. His fever was up so we gave him Motrin and kept him out of school on Friday. Here I am thinking that he is probably just trying to get the rest of the flu out of his system. I don't take him to the dr. Saturday morning he wakes up to a fever of 102.5 degrees. I can't take him to the dr because of *** to be noted in the next point, so I call on his Uncle Rye-Rye to take him. (On a side note, I am thankful for that special relationship all the time.) We find out that he has double ear infections again and is still trying to fight off the flu. I pick him up from Ryan, take him into HEB for literally 10 minutes to get his antibiotic, more Motrin, Gatorade, etc...all the necessities of a sickly child. He progressively looks worse and by the time I get him home 10 minutes later his fever has skyrocketed to a whopping 103.4. It did, thankfully, finally come back down. He is feeling much better this morning thanks to the meds and Motrin/Tylenol switching! Let's hope once his 10 days of antibiotics are up that we will be a healthy household.

PUPPIES: Our first mistake was buying them from Canton. Jon took the puppies to the vet on Tuesday the 3rd...all is fine. The lab stops eating and begins throwing up and diarrhea on Wednesday. Thursday night we call the vet (Jon & I are thinking Parvo) and they tell us that if they are moving around to bring them in on Friday. Friday we call the vet (remember Lucas is home sick too) and our regular vet is "unable to see us today, but here is the number of 5 other vets. Make sure Mrs. Seymore that they get seen immediately because it could be serious". After 7 phone calls I find a place who will see them in Midlothian. We are in and out in 10 minutes. Vet says that they are just FINE and here is some meds to help stop the labs vomit/ should give it to the Boxer just in case too. We do. Friday night at MIDNIGHT I have to call my mom to come over to the house to stay with Lucas and the Boxer while Jon & I drive the Lab to the I-20 vet in Arlington. They find that she does have severe Parvo. She has lost over 4lbs since the Tuesday visit and has something that resembles seizures while she is in the vets office. Needless to say, we lost one of the dogs. Just to be safe we decide it was necessary for us to get the Boxer into the vet immediately on Saturday since at I-20 they tell us that there is a 100% possibility that she will have Parvo. I wake up at 7:30 am (did I mention that Jon & I got back home at 3:30am?) and start calling the vet. Ours again says that he can't see her today but it's dire that she goes somewhere. I find a place in DeSoto for her to go. The only time that they can see her is at 12:20pm so I take it. (This is where Ryan taking Lucas to the dr comes in since his appt was at 12:15 in Hatch.) The vet does a test on Maggie and thinks it probably is Parvo. She is still at that vet getting IV's and fluids. If all goes well, she will get to come home on Wednesday or Thursday.

HOUSE: If Maggie comes home, everything in the house must be sterilized first. Not just your normal weekly cleaning. They want me to have all of the rugs, carpet and couch shampooed. I need to use a bleach type cleaner on all of the other areas within my house. I must throw away all of the toys, beds, leash, etc that we have already spent the money on and buy new. I mean seriously.

FITNESS: Is non-existent right now since I've been at home caring for sick puppies and Lucas. I'm hoping that I can go to my session tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Did I mention that I am tired??? Ya think? Oh yeah, if it has crossed any of your minds as to where Jon was all day Saturday...he was in Carrollton playing in a softball tournament. In his defense, he felt terrible about it. The team wouldn't have had enough players if he didn't go. I think that he felt even worse when he got home last night to our puny little man who was at the time down from the 103+ to a minor 102.6 fever.

Lastly...can I have my hour of sleep back please???? You can take it from me next weekend!!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Miscellaneous Ramblings...

I'm at the office trying my best to get some work done this morning and my server has decided that it doesn't like my password this morning. I'm on hold until the IT guy resets me. Fun stuff!

I don't know if I mentioned that the flu bug has finally left my house. Thank You Lord! I hate seeing my little man feeling bad. It just drags everyone else in my house right down with him.

Jon & I took Lucas to get a puppy over the weekend and came home with two instead. I know...we have SO totally lost our marbles. The good news is that our fence will be complete at the end of the week and they will be big enough dogs to be outside while we are at work and then in their crates at bedtime. Lucas got a boxer puppy that he named Maggie and a Chocolate Lab that he named Sadie. I will try to snap a few pictures tonight of him with the pups so I can post them here. They are good puppies but then it's only been 4 days.

I have muscles that are aching that I forgot even existed. I met with my trainer yesterday and she had me do several different sets that I hadn't done before. I'm pretty sure that I have never attempted to work out my back. Plus I told her that besides my belly I want to work super hard on my inner thighs. I shouldn't have said that as now it hurts to take a step for they are so tight! Don't you just wish that you worked out once and were perfected? Wishful thinking I suppose!

Oh yeah...this will blow your minds. I up until last night thought that I was already preggos again. I mean, we've been pretty careful but you just never know. The doctor wanted me to wait until at least March to begin trying again and I toss back and forth whether to wait even longer for myself to get back in better shape physically. Anyhow, I don't seem to I guess that's a good thing. I will never understand how you can feel relief and disappointment all at one time. Only a woman!