Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"To-Do LIST"

1. Update my blog. Add pictures. Find a new background. Write/type about something FUN and HAPPY!!

2. Put pictures on my Facebook page that aren't from 15 years ago!!

3. Schedule an appointment to get family pictures taken. I have the outfits carefully chosen, now I just need to figure out who to use and make the phone call.

4. Return all my emails and voicemail messages from the past month...sorry folks if you were one of those emails or calls that I haven't had a chance to respond to.

5. Start working out again. Lose weight! Eat better. Cut out the caffiene that my system so desires.

6. Touch up my highlights and lowlights so I don't look like a "chipmunk" as my 4yr old states!

7. Send out invitations to my 4yr olds 5th Bday party...OH WAIT...I would need invitations to do this. Call the bank and have a charge from an online invitation company sent back since I ordered a month ago, have been charged but never recieved the product. Nor have they returned my calls and emails. Am I a sucker or what?

8. Call the pool builder back. I think we have decided to go ahead and wait until winter to put the pool in.

9. Go get a new title for Jon's truck since we sold it two days ago...and I seem to have misplaced it somewhere in my home or office!

10. Take a semi-permanent vacation!! Wait, maybe this isn't even possible, but a vacation sounds nice. Any of you ladies up for a "no husband/no kids" get-away? Just a short weekend would work too!

11. The list just goes on & on...but you get the point!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Okay, so to begin with, today is my birthday! Yea me!! Now, that being said, I got this email today that was a "44 odd questions about yourself" type of email. The very last question was "What song would you like played at your funeral?"...come on now...really? Well, of course that got me thinking about Logan and I turned to the side and saw my personalized calendar that has a picture of his, there I was beginning to be a big ole baby on my special (NOT) day! I decided then that I would listen to some music on the radio and...this song comes on.

I think that this may just be one of the most beautiful songs that I have ever heard, but it made me start bawling. I mean, listen to the words...if you know me very well, it will have you in tears too! It makes me happy and sad all at the exact same time.

As I said, sappy I know, but now I'm moving on to more exciting things for the day!! Like WORK!! Sheesh!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Catching up...

I didn't actually realize until just now that it's been over two weeks since I've blogged. Life around here is chaotic, as usual. Here's a brief run down...for those interested!

1. Memorial Day we went and got me a new SUV! Woohoo! I was very excited and we got a terrific deal...or as terrific as you can imagine a dealership giving you. My little man doesn't much care for it but then he wanted me to get a white Tahoe to match his aunts.

2. Luke started his real Tball practices during the past two weeks so we've been doing that two nights a week. His first game is this coming up Tuesday. He's one of the oldest on his team. Did I mention that his team consists of kids 2-5? Crazy right? I will have to take TONS of pictures on Tuesday and a little bit of footage on the Flip for all to see!

3. It's "Storm Season" for us at work. This mean it's the season that hail storms hit the midwest and surrounding areas. These are the best states for us to do business in. We have/are setting up 4 new locations in the past two weeks and are anticipating a few more in the weeks to come. Work is busy, that's for sure. My desk looks like a train hit it and I've got about a billion emails and voicemails to respond to but no time!

4. Our nephew has been staying with us since last Saturday. His parents went on a cruise for their anniversary. Fun! He is such an easy-going kiddo that he hasn't been any problem. It's just amazing how one extra kid for nine days can make your life that much more chaotic. It was our first time to actually have a designated time to have someone dropped off and picked up from school. As well as a manditory bedtime...I know that ya'll are thinking we should have had all of these things with Luke but nope...he comes and goes from school as he pleases (Pre-K) and he will lay in bed for hours without going to sleep. Anyway, we had Austin's awards and graduation program this week also. I can't believe he will be in 6th grade and Luke will be a Kindergartener.

5. Jon had a softball tournament Saturday in Mesquite. We decided we'd go spend the day up there with him. During a 4 hour break we went to eat lunch at Roadhouse and then took the boys to play at Celebration Station. We road the go carts and bumper boats. Umm, did everyone besides me know that bumper boats squirted water? They boys got me on one...not knowing I was about to be drenched...and then I became the moving target for everyone operating a boat during that time. Needless to say, I was not the happiest or prettiest looking camper when I finally got out of the boat. Why did I waste all that time fixing my hair and makeup that morning?

6. Today we spend all day out at my dads house. We had such a great time. My dad had the three younger kids (8, 9 & 14) and the Ryan and Ashley well as my aunt and then my uncle and his family. It was nice and super relaxing. We played in both the pools and then I laid out to make an attempt to get a tan on my Casper looking skin. The boys rode on the Ranger and fished in one of the stocked ponds. You know it's been a good day when your near-5yr-old smells like a wet puppy and wants to go to bed at 7pm!! Yippie!

Anyway...there you have it...a peek into my life for the past two weeks! Hopefully I will have some great pictures to post during this week of Tball and other fun little things.