Monday, April 27, 2009


I can not seem to catch a break to save my life! This will make some of you laugh and others, well, those of you who know me best will understand my frustration. Michelle has been on my case for MONTHS about posting new pictures on here. Pictures of Lucas, pictures of our family, pictures of Maggie (our Boxer) and so many more wonderful moments. As I was sitting here watching One Tree Hill I decided that I would bring the laptop over to the couch and upload pictures from my camera during commercial breaks. Here's how it went:

Problem #1 ~ The cords that I found that attach the camera to the computer...well those were apparently to another camera. I'm not sure exactly which camera it belongs to since we have like 8 around the house...all of which are DEAD since I can't find the chargers to any of them.

Problem #2 ~ I looked down at my laptop and remember that after Christmas I took out the memory card and that my laptop has a place for it to go into to. I take the memory card out, punch it into the hole...oops, it doesn't fit. I try to get it back just sinks further into the computer. Where it is currently still sitting now. I plan to see if Jon can get it out but that would require me telling on myself and I can't swing that right now. So, how do you ask did that memory card fit last time? It must have come out of one of the other 8 dead cameras around here.

I'm telling you that I shouldn't have a blog. I should be banned from my camera. Oh gosh, what if Jon can't get the memory card out? There are hundreds of pictures on it!!! Man oh man!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Horrah for Antibiotics!!

Well, the doctor said that my diagnosis was strep throat and a mild ear infection in my right ear. I'm not sure what "mild" means when it sure doesn't feel mild. I started both of the antibiotics last night so hopefully they will be kicking in soon! Jon was kind enough to keep Lucas occupied for the evening last night so I could do nothing but sleep. With the help of an Ambien, prescribed after Logan, I slept from 9pm - 8:30am without any movement. Yea!

I don't feel much better but I think the rest will help. The plan is to be back at work tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

No Better

Don't you hate getting sick? I was just sure that I could head this yuckiness off with some OTC drugs. That SO hasn't been working for me. I did make it through the day yesterday here at the office but I didn't get much further than that. I layed up most of the night last night. You know how you can never seem to get comfortable at night or get a decent nights sleep when you are feeling puny?

I took everything under the sun yesterday. Robitussin, Benadryl, Tylenol...nada. The problem now is that not only does my throat still hurt but now both of my ears are as well. Not like a mild ringing or discomfort. The left one hurts only a little while the right ear is throbbing. I feel so sorry for our little ones who get anything wrong with their ears. Here I am a grown woman and can hardly tolerate it. Goodness.

I did schedule a doctors appointment for this afternoon. Hopefully they will tell me that it's something that antibiotics will cure IMMEDIATELY!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Woe is me...

My throat hurts. I seem to continue to get sick. I would like to blame this on allergies or drainage but I have had neither of the above recently. It honestly feels like someone has taken their claws and scratched them down the inside of my throat. Yuck, yuck, yuck!

I wish that I were able to head back home and climb under the covers today. No such desk looks like a WAR zone!! :)

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday, Friday

TGIF!!! I need a breather from the madness that is my office. Irate salesmen, crews that I can not communicate with, suppliers that have no clue, plus much more! I think that I am being taken to the movies by my two boys...however I think that I've been convinced to see Fast & Furious. Which, if Vin Diesel is still as hot as he used to then maybe I can deal with seeing it. I don't know if it's his voice or the fact that he may have the best upper body out there?? Hmm...I'll stop now.

I'm trying to determine if I am going to lounge around the house tomorrow and relax or if I'm going to get out and do something. I need to go in search of some new tables for beside my bed. Maybe I can take a picture of it tonight and send all of you ladies on a hunt for the perfect tables for me. I don't like the ones that I have. My bed came from Horchow and of course when we ordered the 2 end tables only one of them came in. One of them has been on back order for several YEARS now. Not that it matters because they wouldn't have fit right anyway. The ones that I have now I bought really cheap as "fill ins" until I could find new ones. They actually TIP OVER if you hit them wrong. No joke!!

Okay, so I also should spend the weekend cleaning out my closet. It is broken, literally broken. My very bottom rack has totally detached from the wall, it has come out of the wall, the screws/nails have come out of the wall stud. My cleaning ladies were trying to organize and put EVERY pair of jeans I own on the SAME rack. I have somewhere near 40-50 pairs of jeans. Can you imagine the weight of that? Jon was so incredibly mad at me. He told me that he wouldn't have it fixed until I clean out my that he means going through all of my clothes and getting rid of them. I think that I will just buy some tubs instead to keep at the top of my closet. I never know what size I'm going to fit in on any given week...SO...what would be the point in getting rid of them??

Rain, Rain, Go Away...

come back once I can get inside the security of my own home. I LOVE the rain. Just as long as I am inside my own house and don't have to get out in it. I detest being wet from the rain. It's like I'm going to melt or something (joke)! I'm sitting here at my desk at the office just listening to it. Isn't it funny how you can have a love/hate relationship with something like the rain? I love the sound of thunderstorms, but they scare me. If Jon's not home you can bet I'm on my way to my parents house or to my sis-in-laws. I don't do thunderstorms at night alone. Nope, not happening! I'm telling you that in high school and during the first few years back home from Tech when I was living with my mom & stepdad they had a cot that they kept in the corner of the bedroom. If there was a thunderstorm, a random noise or a scary movie I plopped right down on that cot in their room. It's an ongoing joke with them that they had their grown daughter sharing their bed through her teens...apparently they think that the fact that Lucas refuses to leave our bed is my payback!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Yesterday Jon & I got an email from the monument company. It had pictures of Logan's finished headstone on it. While we were looking at the pictures we realized that they had already taken it out to the cemetery. I don't expect anyone to understand my rationalization here but let me give it to you. I was heartbroken. Not because of our loss because it is always around. No, it was because I was just certain that they would call me before they took it out there. I wanted to be there and be front and center while they put it out. I can't explain why it was such a big deal to me but it was. I can understand that probably they don't call the families just so they can avoid hysterical mommies like me!!

I wasn't sure that I was going to be able to go out there yesterday. I did. Lucas was with me. He usually chooses to stay in the car but yesterday he must have sensed something was up. He told me that he was going to get out and talk to his baby too..."Mommy, I miss him too" is what he told me. Some of these things are like pouring salt on a healing wound. We didn't get the opportunity to stay for very long since Lucas was all over the place, but it was nice. They did a terrific job on the headstone.

It's so strange because I wanted to take pictures. I don't know if this is normal behavior or not. Actually, I don't know what normal even is anymore. I thought it was so pretty out there that I wanted to take pictures to share with the world, however, I'm not sure that the world is ready for those pictures.

The part that is the hardest for me is that the headstone getting put out there was the very last thing that we had to do in association with losing Logan. I think that is why it was so important to me to be there. It was our final deed to him as his parents. Of course we will forever talk to him, visit him, cherish him and love him but there are no other "chores" to be done on his behalf. That in itself just breaks my heart. That's why I tagged this closure. It isn't really, but in a way I think it will take us to the next level in the process of healing.

This morning I have called our favorite florist to tell them to have an arrangement ready for me to pick up at noon. I plan to go take those beautiful flowers out to my beautiful baby boy and make his resting place that much more beautiful. I think that it is nothing short of what he I realize that even though this experience has showered me with more pain that I ever thought possible, he has made my own life that much more beautiful because he was a part of it and me.

Random Pictures #3

Last ones...for now.

This is so typical my kid. He feels the need to show the world his food, such a boy. This beauty next to him is Molly Gilbert.
I love this because his happiness is so obvious. He is with his cousin, Rylan here. We are all on our boat 2 summers ago.
This is his 2nd birthday. We were living in Florida and couldn't make it home. It was a sad little party of about 6 people but he didn't know the difference.
Mr. Macho. We were meeting The Vaughn's at Disney World here. I think we were playing in the lobby waiting for them to come down here.
Again, isn't he just like his Daddy? He strives to be just like him.
Playing with a baby snake...need I say more? Eww Gross.
NanaNanaBooBoo. I believe is what he was saying here.

Random Pictures #2

Here are some more pictures from my computer search.

Christmas 2004. He truely looks like an elf the way his ears are flipping out of that hat!!NO...I promise we didn't do this to him often. Our friend had the sweatband and I couldn't help myself!
I just adore this picture. Doesn't he look like an old toothless man? I was testing out the hawk!
If Luke had been looking at the camera this may have been my all-time favorite. He looks so much like his Daddy, it's unbelievable.
He was 3 months old here. What was I thinking getting him a fish costume? Maybe I let Jon talk me into it?
I just wanted to share this one because SERIOUSLY, doesn't the onesie say it all?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Pictures #1

I was browsing in my picture files on my office computer and found all of these super old pictures of Lucas. I thought I'd share a few with you all. I will post more tomorrow when I get another chance to look through them.

Wasn't his long, curly hair so cute??


So, we went to the doctor yesterday so we could "catch up" on a few shots. It was a miserable experience that I will not even bore you with. However, this appointment did enable us to sign up early for Kindergarten yesterday. I can not believe how crazy it is that he will be starting Kindergarten in just a few more months. Let me just tell you what a mess I will be. I had hoped that we would be able to attend Marvin Elementary, but we are zoned to go to Shackelford Elementary. I suppose that the upside is that he will be with these same children for all of school starting now.

Yesterday Lucas weighed in a 40lbs even and 41 1/2 inches tall. The growth chart says that he is falling in the 37th percentile in height and the 52nd percentile in weight. He has just begun to hit a growth it wrong of me to hope that he gets his height from my Dad & Ryan? I told the boys that yesterday and they asked if what I meant was that I wanted a tall & fat son. I personally think that my little, big brother and dad are adorable!

Have I mentioned that Lucas will turn 5 in July? Scary!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Yuck, yuck, yuck

Please, oh please, let me make all of you my expense of course. As many of you know we recently got a new puppy...a Boxer. Let me set this up for you. Tonight Jon had a softball game. I am sitting on the couch with Lucas and the puppy as he leaves for the game. I get up and let the dog out in the back yard. I let the dog back in and put her in her crate while I do a couple of things.

I am in the bathroom for all of a minute when Lucas comes to the door yelling, "Oooh, nasty diarrhea poop". No, he is NOT talking about me. I quickly realize that he is talking about the puppy. I hurry and exit the safety of my quiet bathroom and head for the puppy.

I enter the puppies room...better known as the laundry room. Please envision that since we originally had bought two puppies her crate is gigantic, like probably 50 lbs and incredibly bulky. What I see is, in fact, nasty puppy diarrhea poop. I'm talking loads of the stuff. Not only that but the sweet, little puppy of mine has decided that she will stomp all through it and roll around in it.

As I'm standing in the doorway trying to figure out exactly how to get the crate and dog outside on my own, I start hearing a gagging sound. Lucas is coming down the hall, catches a whiff, and begins puking all over the hallway. As he is doing so, he starts yelling something about a spider...he runs...while puking...back down the hallway. Yep, weak stomach for one, scared of a spider about 1/2 the size of a dime. I'm talking puke everywhere. Should I mention that he had just eaten chicken nuggets and a Ding-Dong (as previously mentioned in the last post)???

Now I'm still trying to figure out what to do. I kill a spider, make Lucas stand still, call Jon...who dies laughing...maneuver and huge crate onto the back porch, get Lucas into the bathtub, clean up vomit, throw away the towel b/c it just grosses me out to think of it in the washer, let the dog out of the cage, stand outside in the cold for 10 minutes hosing down the crate, realize that the dog needs to be cleaned, realize that the hose water is too cold, go inside to put warm water in the mop bucket, open the garage door as the puppy rushes in through my legs making the mop bucket spill all over me and my floor, clean up the water, refill the bucket, dunk the dog into it, realize I'm gonna have to use my bare hands to clean her, dry out the crate, maneuver it back inside, put her back into it, call April to vent...who dies my mom...who dies laughing, I realize Jon's game has been over for an hour and he still isn't home, call him to have him tell me that he didn't want to rush right home to diarrhea dog, vomitting kid and irritated wife. Do you blame him? Do you blame me?

I am sitting here typing this...waiting for him to come home so he can check the laundry room to make sure that the incident hasn't repeated itself. Because let's be honest here...I don't have it in me to go check myself. I'm afraid that if I do...I might just lose it!!

Yuck, yuck, yuck!!!

Life in the fast lane...

My life is nothing these days if not chaotic. I can't seem to keep my head screwed on straight to save my life. It seems that just as I am finishing up one task, another beckons out to me. Oh yeah, there are STILL no pictures to be posted because I thought I had found the right camera charger to realize that it belongs to my old camera. This new computer of mine doesn't have the little slot to put the memory card into. Ho hum.

Friday my dad had to have surgery on his back. I drove to Waco to get to the hospital in time...only to get severely lost because my navigation system is apparently not "with it" enough to recognize the newer roads.'s like 2 years old...or maybe it's already 3? His surgery went well. They had to remove some bad areas that were about the size of his thumb...says the doctor. His L3 & L4 were pinching his sciatic nerve, causing him LOADS of pain. He is home, still in pain, but thankfully from the surgery and not the before cause. However, while I was at the hospital, I went up to the nurses station to ask about visiting hours for some other family members and when the nurse looked up it was someone we had gone to high school with. Random!!

Saturday Dad got out of the hospital, finally...he thought 24hrs there was super long. One of our nephews came over to stay the night with Lucas. We tried to go to one of the Jon's games...softball tournament...go figure...and in the club house I ran into someone else that we went to high school with. It is apparently the time for catching up!!

Sunday afternoon as I was trying to take a nap Lucas comes in and says, "Mom, I am hungry for a Ding-Dong. Get your shoes on and go to the store to get me some." You don't think that he's heard his Daddy one too many times do you? Needless to say, I am an enabler...I put my shoes on and went to buy Ding-Dongs. Of course, it was only because I wanted to get out of the house...NOT because my 4 year old runs things! Ha!