Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Photo Worthy

There is absolutely nothing exciting going on, but I thought I'd share some of my favorite new pictures with you!

Life has been busy as usual. I feel like all I ever do these days is work. I've been to Omaha more times than I'd like to admit lately. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the people that I get to visit with & work with while there but I miss my little family so much when I'm gone. I would love to be a stay-at-home-mom but I think I would miss the day to day involvement in the business.

We went to College Station this weekend for a softball tournament that Jon played in. They didn't do very hot but I enjoyed relaxing in a hotel room for two days. My mom & Dan came with...or followed us down. The first night we stopped for dinner and his big, nice truck broke down. We had to get it towed, rent a car and they are JUST driving back tomorrow to pick his truck back up.

I think that I might be a shopaholic. Not really, but possibly. I've been trying not to spend quite so much money lately. However, apparently in my mind, if I shop for the kids then it's not so bad. Since I don't have a little girl, I go crazy buying stuff for Brooklynn too. On our way back from College Station we stopped in Hillsboro at the outlets. I got enough stuff for the boys and Brooklynn to last all stinking summer. Braxton & Lucas have both been sick. They have URI's & Bronchitis. We have done chest xray's of B twice now to make sure that he doesn't have pnuemonia. They sent us home with a little treatment/inhaler to use until the end of the week. Lucas is getting better; Braxton still has quite the cough. Hopefully by weekend my house is well!

Braxton is trying to crawl. He is army crawling right now. I figure that given a few weeks, he will be completely mobile. I'm I the only one that this news freaks out??

Gosh, Lucas is getting so big. What a personality he has on him. You have to be on your toes at all times when out in public with him. There is ZERO telling what will come out of his mouth. Most people who are in contact with this cute little man either have sore tummy muscles from laughing so hard or they leave beet red from being embarrassed at the things he said to them. filter.

Y'all, I guess when kids have a 7th birthday they start really caring about what kind of party they have. Lucas doesn't turn 7 until July but he is weekly telling Jon & me the how, when, where and who of it all. It's pretty funny! You must be pretty special if you make his list because he's cutting family every time they look at him funny!

I missed all but one of his ball games last season that he played because either I was on bed rest, in the hospital, visiting the NICU or recovering. It's amazing how much difference 6 months can make. He is so much better and having so much more fun now. Jon thinks it's because he understands it all now. Maybe, but I just know that it's getting more & more fun to watch. I need to find a babysitter here in Waxahachie for weekends & date nights. I have a fabulous lady that keeps Braxton during the days but I need someone when Jon & I just need to take a breather...which is NOW! The problem is that I can't think of a single person. If any of you know of a good one, I'm totally open to suggestions!

Okay, enough of my book! Just thought I'd fill you in. Maybe in 2 weeks when I post again I'll have something more exciting to tell you all about...maybe I'll be able to post a video of my crawling little man!