Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Vacation #1

Each year we go on vacation with part or all of Jon's family. It's always to the exact same place, as this has been a tradition in his family before he was born - I believe. Surfside Beach, TX - south of Houston on the coast about 30 minutes from Galveston. It takes us about 4.5 hours to drive down depending on traffic and number of stops.

Jon loves every moment he spends here. We even have our boat marina'd here, so he deep sea fishes everyday that he possibly can (usually all 7) while we are here - and multiple other weekends of the summer. Lucas is beginning to be a little fisherman just like his Daddy!

Braxton did better this year - no eating the sand! Yea! He did how ever get really freaked out when he touched any seaweed - dry or still in the ocean! It was pretty hilarious.

I worked quite a bit through it. I wish I could have just turned all the work business off but summer is not the time of year that you get relaxing vacations in our business world. I did get to spend a day fishing with Jon & Lucas, a day enjoying Pleasure Pier in Galveston and read 4 books start to finish. So what if I didn't go to sleep until sometimes 3am so I could finish a book! This is what I enjoy doing.

Tonight is our last night and then it's back to reality - I'm afraid of just how chaotic this reality is going to be - work of course.

I may just sweet talk my husband into a night, just he & I, at the casino in OK before we go back to work!!