Tuesday, June 15, 2010

It's gonna be a long one...

...post that is! It's been far too long and I admit that I'm a T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E blogger but I fully expect to get better...or maybe I just aspire to!! Let me fill you few readers in on things around here...

1. Just call me MEDUSA. Yep, you read right. This evening we were taking a dip in the pool...wish I had pictures...and I had been sitting in the grotto/cave for about 20 minutes. I moved to the edge of the pool and was smoothing down my wet hair. I kept hitting a tangle and finally submerged myself to wet it down again. Guess what? Jon & Lucas start hollering "snake" and sure enough a baby grass snake, of about 5 inches came slithering out. Can we please discuss my distress. I realize that it was a harmless, tiny, baby snake but it was still a S-N-A-K-E. I made Jon kill it after promptly jumping OUT of the pool. Then Lucas freaked right out on me because I had Jon kill it. WOW!

2. "We need to talk about S-E-X"...is what my almost 6 year old told Jon & I last night. Can you picture me almost spitting out a drink or having a mini heart-attack? When confronting him about where he learned that he said he saw it on the movie Pearl Harbor...Jon & I were watching it recently. We asked him what it meant and he said, "it's where you kiss all the time. I know because 6 years ago you kissed all the time and then you had me." Um, yeah, if anyone knows how you respond to that, be sure to let me know. I'm just going to keep on letting him think he's right for the moment and pray that he doesn't talk of this topic in public any time soon!

3. Non-domestic...that's me. I tried cooking dinner last week (yes, that's even more frequent than normal) and had a minor accident. I used a steak knife to open a package of hamburger meat and laid the knife on the bar. A bit later I felt a pain in the top of my foot. Guess what? I somehow managed to knock the knife off the counter and it landed UPRIGHT IN my foot. Luckily it only bled for a little bit and a bandage cured it. However, Jon got the greatest pleasure out of it! He reminds me regularly that this is why we eat out!!

4. Baby Update. I am finally nearing the middle of my pregnancy. It's been interesting and different. I am ready to find out if this baby is a boy or girl and even so far as to try two weeks ago. However, Jon had a different idea. He informed my doctor that he was NOT to tell me at any point. He has his heart set on this baby being a surprise. He said that since we had "help" getting pregnant it was somewhat expected and that since we will have a scheduled c-section that that part won't be a surprise either. I guess I see him point but really, you'd think that after 14 years together he would know that I am OCD and need this information to proceed on with this pregnancy. I mean, how are you supposed to decorate and purchase outfits if you don't know whether to buy pink or blue?? Jon says that we can decorate the first month after the baby while it sleeps in a bassinet in our room and that we have loads of family and friends who would think it was "cool" to go buy outfits on the way to the hospital. Yeah, OKAY...I think I may kill him...God forgive me!! My closest friend has put in my head that my shower will not be quite as "fun" either but what do you do? If any of you can convince my husband to change his mind...I'll owe you one.

I have lots more funnies or updates I could give you, but I think I'll call it a night here and maybe, just maybe, give myself something to post about in the next few days. You believe me right? Heck, I wouldn't!! :)