Friday, January 23, 2009

25 things about me...

I am stealing this from an email I got today from my sister-in-law, but I thought it was a great way to look for the positives about yourself. I hope that all of you will do this made me feel good afterwards.

1. I consider myself to be honest, intellegent, funloving, kind and sincere.
2. I have been given the greatest of lifes boys...whether for a brief minute or years...they are mine!
3. I am lucky enough to have a husband who treats me better than I ever dreamed.
4. I love life and all of the things that we are met with...I feel it makes us stronger as humans.
5. I am a workaholic but I enjoy my work.
6. I am a perfectionist and have limited patience for anything less.
7. I am cursed with what my husband and closest friends would call Obessive Compulsive Disorder...but I don't think I'm that bad!
8. I love my friends and think that I am a good one in return.
9. I love to read, read, read!
10. Music helps lift me through anything...sad mood, bad mood, you name it!
11. My extended family is HUGE!!
12. I have now lived through my biggest fear in life, losing a child.
13. Purple Passion snowcones from the stand in Waxahachie are my absolute favorite treat.
14. I am addicted to purses and have more than I can count at the present.
15. I am also addicted to sunglasses, the bigger the better!
16. I love sunny days that make you wish you were driving a convertable with the top down.
17. I love the ocean...from a distance...I detest getting in that murky water!
18. I have just realized that I want to have 2 more children for a total of 3 living in my house.
19. I have a strong desire to go back to school and do something that I LOVE!
20. I am quiet at first and then you can not get me to be quiet.
21. I have a strong faith and believe that it has gotten me through some very tough things.
22. My brother, Ryan, is someone I wish I were more like...he has the biggest heart of anyone I know, lives life to its fullest every day and doesn't hold back.
23. I show fewer emotions to those who aren't closest to me.
24. I am a mother hen to all of those I love.
25. I would do anything for an of you!!

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