Friday, January 23, 2009


I am so fedup with tax-prep already. It's one of my many jobs here to process the tax information. You would think that it wouldn't be such a problem but then what in life has been easy lately? Our office is the "corporate" for about 25 other offices that are either active or in shut-down mode. This means I have a QuickBooks account for each of those plus the 2 corporate accounts. Therefore, I have to process 1099's & W2's for each vendor & employee in all of those accounts. Last year I did about 150 1099's but this year I'm thinking it's going to be closer to 250 and then the W2's. That still wouldn't be a big deal if all the entries in QuickBooks were correct. Unfortunately there are multiple people, in multiple offices that access the accounts daily to make entries & changes. The really terrifing part is that they are correct but not in the correct format for the tax docs. Long story short, I (with Jon's help) have to go through all of those accounts, make the corrections, verify all employee info and then FINALLY print the forms. I am only about 1/2 way done with the corrections and I have to have the darn things stamped by next Saturday. Oh the stress!!

I am going to celebrate when all of this is done until next

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