Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Valentine's Day

was uneventful in our household! Lucas had basketball that morning, Jon had a softball tournament all day and I went to see Mother Load with my sisters-in-law and MIL. We thought of going out to dinner that night but seriously I could do without the crowds!

My wonderful husband sent me flowers on Friday. I have had SO many arrangements from him in the past 13 years but these were my favorites. They are making my house smell amazing! I think it's the white roses with the lilies, but I'm not certain!

Oh yes, you see the rest of the Valentine's sacks/junk arround the flowers? This is all stuff that Lucas brought home from school.


Heather said...

Beautiful flowers!!

Michelle said...

Those are gorgeous!

Mary said...

Such pretty flowers! I need to add your blog to mine as a link-is that ok? I have missed some of your latest posts because of laziness :)

The Seymore's said...

You know that's fine!