Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday, Friday

TGIF!!! I need a breather from the madness that is my office. Irate salesmen, crews that I can not communicate with, suppliers that have no clue, plus much more! I think that I am being taken to the movies by my two boys...however I think that I've been convinced to see Fast & Furious. Which, if Vin Diesel is still as hot as he used to then maybe I can deal with seeing it. I don't know if it's his voice or the fact that he may have the best upper body out there?? Hmm...I'll stop now.

I'm trying to determine if I am going to lounge around the house tomorrow and relax or if I'm going to get out and do something. I need to go in search of some new tables for beside my bed. Maybe I can take a picture of it tonight and send all of you ladies on a hunt for the perfect tables for me. I don't like the ones that I have. My bed came from Horchow and of course when we ordered the 2 end tables only one of them came in. One of them has been on back order for several YEARS now. Not that it matters because they wouldn't have fit right anyway. The ones that I have now I bought really cheap as "fill ins" until I could find new ones. They actually TIP OVER if you hit them wrong. No joke!!

Okay, so I also should spend the weekend cleaning out my closet. It is broken, literally broken. My very bottom rack has totally detached from the wall, it has come out of the wall, the screws/nails have come out of the wall stud. My cleaning ladies were trying to organize and put EVERY pair of jeans I own on the SAME rack. I have somewhere near 40-50 pairs of jeans. Can you imagine the weight of that? Jon was so incredibly mad at me. He told me that he wouldn't have it fixed until I clean out my that he means going through all of my clothes and getting rid of them. I think that I will just buy some tubs instead to keep at the top of my closet. I never know what size I'm going to fit in on any given week...SO...what would be the point in getting rid of them??


Heather said...

40-50 pair of jeans?!?!?! WTH?!?!

The Seymore's said...

Well, a girls got to have all SIZES!!! 50 might be an exaggeration but 40 is probably not. Now, these have been collected over the past 5 or 6 years so don't go thinking that I have some huge shopping problem!!