Wednesday, June 24, 2009

"To-Do LIST"

1. Update my blog. Add pictures. Find a new background. Write/type about something FUN and HAPPY!!

2. Put pictures on my Facebook page that aren't from 15 years ago!!

3. Schedule an appointment to get family pictures taken. I have the outfits carefully chosen, now I just need to figure out who to use and make the phone call.

4. Return all my emails and voicemail messages from the past month...sorry folks if you were one of those emails or calls that I haven't had a chance to respond to.

5. Start working out again. Lose weight! Eat better. Cut out the caffiene that my system so desires.

6. Touch up my highlights and lowlights so I don't look like a "chipmunk" as my 4yr old states!

7. Send out invitations to my 4yr olds 5th Bday party...OH WAIT...I would need invitations to do this. Call the bank and have a charge from an online invitation company sent back since I ordered a month ago, have been charged but never recieved the product. Nor have they returned my calls and emails. Am I a sucker or what?

8. Call the pool builder back. I think we have decided to go ahead and wait until winter to put the pool in.

9. Go get a new title for Jon's truck since we sold it two days ago...and I seem to have misplaced it somewhere in my home or office!

10. Take a semi-permanent vacation!! Wait, maybe this isn't even possible, but a vacation sounds nice. Any of you ladies up for a "no husband/no kids" get-away? Just a short weekend would work too!

11. The list just goes on & on...but you get the point!

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Mary said...

My my you're busy...or about to be busy! I hate lists-they make me feel like I'm getting nothing done. i really like your blog now but I understand wanting a change. You witnessed how often I used to change mine!