Monday, April 11, 2011

Storm Central

First let me just say that I adore these two little boys of mine. Did I mention that I have been incredibly blessed to have two babies that sleep through the night? By that I mean from 8:30-7:30 or later if allowed. Wonder why it is that I'm still so tired all the time then? I am biased, but aren't they beautiful? We had some work done to our landscape on Saturday. I do NOT possess a green thumb so the likelihood of all this living for more than a month or so is slim to none. You totally can't tell from this picture but we have the prettiest Double Knockout Roses. This is actually something that we've had survive for the past few years. They bloom so full and pretty. However on the flip side of their beauty, they attract all things that fly, buzz & sting. You pair these roses (which I was ignorant enough to pot around the pool) with the actual swimming pool and we have what feels like infestations of wasps, bees, hornets, etc. No judging the planters...they are not exactly what I want there. It needs color! I wanted something different for this area this year. This is the one area on the front porch that is 99% shaded some things die on me quickly. The men who did the landscaping told me that they put like 3 different things in there with vining plants so I'm hoping that they grow super long and drape down during the summer. I love, love, love my green log bench. I found it right before we moved into the house at a store called Antiks on Knox. The store had the coolest things but it closed down since then. You see those Christmas tree looking things to each side of it? They are some kind of Holly tree. Apparently they can withstand anything...even my green thumb. We shall see. I want something to go above the window where the bench is. I have no idea what. Maybe some kind of long metal artwork (Canton?) or a rustic wooden sign? Any ideas? I was worried that all the work I had done was going to be "blown" to smithereens (not sure how you begin to spell that word) in the storms last night. However it all remained in tack. I have never been so scared in my life as I was last night during the storms and without my husband in town. I had the boys in the tub and cried about the whole time. A special thanks to Mary for letting me know that it was safe to come out of hiding!! We have a bit of damage to our neighborhood but luckily the worst we got was to Lucas' swing.

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