Sunday, February 22, 2009

Action Packed Weekend

I think that for a while I had hoped to have full weekends so I didn't have much "think" time. Now I pray for weekends that we don't have anything going on. I don't know when the last time was that we just sat around! All in all, it was a great weekend though.

We started it off by meeting The Barron's for dinner Friday night at The Cheesecake Factory. Yummy! We love hanging out with them and Lucas adores Nicole. He tends to flirt with her from time to time!

Saturday Lucas had a 9am basketball game followed by my first session with the personal trainer at 10am. It was a revelation to me just how out of shape I am. Here I thought I just needed to lose some weight. I had no idea (whatever!!) just how physically out of shape I am!! We then had to go to Saltgrass in Cedar Hill for a tri-birthday party. My brother (Ryan), my sister (Hannah) and my uncle (Kenneth) all share the same birthday. To keep things simple we had a joint party this year. We then went to see a movie to end the night. I will be so thrilled when the new cinema opens in Waxahachie. I just can't handle when a movie I'm seeing happens to be in one of the 4 older theaters at the current one. No room, no cushion...yuck!

Today we went out to my Dad's ranch and drove around for a few hours. We went in hopes of getting some pictures of the beautiful doe that they just purchased & had delivered. They got 20 that are all preggos. Very neat! Once we got home I met Micah & Natalie for a Zumba class. I had never been and very much appreciated the invitation. It was so fun and a super workout. I never imagined it to be that. I ache in places that I forgot I had!!! I will look forward to attending another.

I think that I will end my night watching the Oscars on TV...unless Brothers & Sisters comes on!

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Mary said...

Okay I just read your last post--I started knitting a few years ago when I was on bedrest with Ty. I love to do it, it's so relaxing and it's nice to have something with immediate gratification while you're raising a child and don't see much of that! I only learned how to make straight lines so I have made maybe 35 scarves but it's still fun! One day I'll learn how to put them together and make something else :)