Friday, February 20, 2009


I almost forgot. In deciding to take up new hobbies, I went to the store last night and bought yarn, crochet needles and a how-to book. Can we please discuss the look on Jon's face last night when I was sitting in my recliner, needle/hook in hand with some yarn wrapped around my fingers? In his defense, it probably was a funny site to see! I'm not sure what led me to think of crocheting other than I find some of the prettiest baby blankets and afgans are crocheted. Maybe I'll find that I am actually good at this and can make some cutesie's for everyone?? I will have to take pictures of my "projects" once I begin them! Right now though, I'm only on lesson 5 out of the book. Ha!


The Forrest Family said...

I love to crochet! The only thing I can do is blankets tho.

Kippy said...

Fun! I'm wanting to learn to knit. Maybe we should start an old bitty knitting/crocheting circle!

The Barnards said...

Too funny!