Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Did a tornado come to my house?

So, I think that I got my "pity-me" day out yesterday. I think that everywhere I was turning yesterday was leading me to Logan. I'm cool-er now!! For those of you that actually read & put up with my "soap box"...thanks!

My poor house. It looks like a tornado came and landed straight upon it. Doing zero damage to the outside but tremendous damage to the inside! What I need is a cleaning fairy! My lady comes once every two weeks but sometimes I think she should come much more often. I have had something going on everyday for the past week or so and haven't had any time to devote to my home. Maybe tonight after Zumba? The cleaning lady will be here Friday but I am obsessed with cleaning BEFORE she comes to clean. I wish I could make myself stop that!

Our yard looks ridiculous too. They are at the house right now pouring concrete to extend our driveway. The driveway is covered with dirt and I think that Jon said we aren't supposed to park on it for like 2 weeks. When they leveled out the area, they left us like a 6 foot tall by 6 foot wide pile of earth. Um, hopefully we can get one of the young men out of work to come haul it away...soon! They always need some work.

We have weeds galore right now too! Thankfully the fertilizer/weed killer people are coming on Friday. How nice it will be if we can actually have GREEN grass this year instead of the typical greenish/brown kind that we had last year. Maybe our flowerbeds will decide to stay weedless this year too? Fat chance, right?

Finally, we are putting up our fence next week. I am so angry about the whole fence issue. I wanted vinyl but all of the sudden our HOA says it's iron only. I mean bout some privacy folks? I would like to put in a pool soon. I'm pretty sure that you won't catch me sunbathing if you can see through my fence! Maybe if I looked like Jessica Alba or something. The HOA said that we can just plant tall shrubs around the fence. I wonder where they think those thousands of dollars will come from? Maybe they will come plant a money tree in my back yard!!


Heather said...

I'm sure it doesn't look nearly as bad as you think it does!

I can't believe y'all are going to be able to fence in the whole's huge!!

The Seymore's said...

It will be so nice for Lucas! He so badly wants a puppy and we had told him no since we didn't have a fence. I guess we'll be getting a puppy soon. It's got to be something that gets larger so it can't slip through the cracks.