Wednesday, February 25, 2009


is beginning to invade our house. We took Lucas to preschool this morning and he seemed just perfect. I got a phone call from the nurse at 10am that he was running 101.6 fever without them adding to it. Of course I hightailed it to the school to pick him up. We made a pit stop at the doctor's office afterwards. After some tests they determined it's the flu. He hadn't shown any symptoms that I had noticed so I was greatly shocked. I asked him if there were any other symptoms I could expect. Dr. Henry said that sometimes there is vomit but not always. After a quick prayer upwards that we wouldn't be dealing with that...Lucas starts throwing up. OH YUCK!!!

The doctor said it will take between 7-10 days for it to fully run it's course and that he shouldn't return to the preschool until next Wednesday at the earliest. Goodness gracious that's a long time. Thankfully, Jon & I have super flexible schedules since we work for Dad. I think that we will be switching out who stays home with him for the next two days and then we will see next week. I hope that Jon & I don't get it!! We have not had the flu shot in our house. I'm full of regrets over that now.

Keep my puny little one in your thoughts...he's pitiful!


Emily said...

Poor Lucas...praying for him and you guys...just sanitize like crazy!!

Michelle said...

Oh no! I will keep praying for you guys! Wash your hands frequently!

Heather said...

Poor Luke! I hope he feels better soon!

I hope you and Jon don't get it too!

The Seymore's said...

I hope that we don't either! My stomach is pretty nauseated this morning. Jon stayed home with Lucas this morning so I could finish payroll and he is already complaining about not feeling well either. Fingers crossed?!