Sunday, March 8, 2009

Dang it, dang it, dang it...

I'm telling you that every time we take a step forward in this house we take two giant jumps backwards. It has been a ridiculous few weeks. Please, oh please, let me break it down for you.

LUCAS: Went to the doctor on Feb 25th for the flu. He took his meds like he was supposed to and five days later felt fine. He went back to school. I pick him up on Thursday to the look of sad/sick eyes. His fever was up so we gave him Motrin and kept him out of school on Friday. Here I am thinking that he is probably just trying to get the rest of the flu out of his system. I don't take him to the dr. Saturday morning he wakes up to a fever of 102.5 degrees. I can't take him to the dr because of *** to be noted in the next point, so I call on his Uncle Rye-Rye to take him. (On a side note, I am thankful for that special relationship all the time.) We find out that he has double ear infections again and is still trying to fight off the flu. I pick him up from Ryan, take him into HEB for literally 10 minutes to get his antibiotic, more Motrin, Gatorade, etc...all the necessities of a sickly child. He progressively looks worse and by the time I get him home 10 minutes later his fever has skyrocketed to a whopping 103.4. It did, thankfully, finally come back down. He is feeling much better this morning thanks to the meds and Motrin/Tylenol switching! Let's hope once his 10 days of antibiotics are up that we will be a healthy household.

PUPPIES: Our first mistake was buying them from Canton. Jon took the puppies to the vet on Tuesday the 3rd...all is fine. The lab stops eating and begins throwing up and diarrhea on Wednesday. Thursday night we call the vet (Jon & I are thinking Parvo) and they tell us that if they are moving around to bring them in on Friday. Friday we call the vet (remember Lucas is home sick too) and our regular vet is "unable to see us today, but here is the number of 5 other vets. Make sure Mrs. Seymore that they get seen immediately because it could be serious". After 7 phone calls I find a place who will see them in Midlothian. We are in and out in 10 minutes. Vet says that they are just FINE and here is some meds to help stop the labs vomit/ should give it to the Boxer just in case too. We do. Friday night at MIDNIGHT I have to call my mom to come over to the house to stay with Lucas and the Boxer while Jon & I drive the Lab to the I-20 vet in Arlington. They find that she does have severe Parvo. She has lost over 4lbs since the Tuesday visit and has something that resembles seizures while she is in the vets office. Needless to say, we lost one of the dogs. Just to be safe we decide it was necessary for us to get the Boxer into the vet immediately on Saturday since at I-20 they tell us that there is a 100% possibility that she will have Parvo. I wake up at 7:30 am (did I mention that Jon & I got back home at 3:30am?) and start calling the vet. Ours again says that he can't see her today but it's dire that she goes somewhere. I find a place in DeSoto for her to go. The only time that they can see her is at 12:20pm so I take it. (This is where Ryan taking Lucas to the dr comes in since his appt was at 12:15 in Hatch.) The vet does a test on Maggie and thinks it probably is Parvo. She is still at that vet getting IV's and fluids. If all goes well, she will get to come home on Wednesday or Thursday.

HOUSE: If Maggie comes home, everything in the house must be sterilized first. Not just your normal weekly cleaning. They want me to have all of the rugs, carpet and couch shampooed. I need to use a bleach type cleaner on all of the other areas within my house. I must throw away all of the toys, beds, leash, etc that we have already spent the money on and buy new. I mean seriously.

FITNESS: Is non-existent right now since I've been at home caring for sick puppies and Lucas. I'm hoping that I can go to my session tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Did I mention that I am tired??? Ya think? Oh yeah, if it has crossed any of your minds as to where Jon was all day Saturday...he was in Carrollton playing in a softball tournament. In his defense, he felt terrible about it. The team wouldn't have had enough players if he didn't go. I think that he felt even worse when he got home last night to our puny little man who was at the time down from the 103+ to a minor 102.6 fever.

Lastly...can I have my hour of sleep back please???? You can take it from me next weekend!!!

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Michelle said...

Um, hire someone to do your cleaning and get some sleep!