Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hump Day...

Oh my goodness, I woke up this morning and thought it was Thursday. Little did I know that I was getting ahead of myself! I am SO tired this morning but it's by my own doing. I couldn't seem to close my eyes last night so I lay in bed watching some random TV shows (18 kids & counting, Kids by the Dozen, etc) until almost 1:30 this morning. I know, I've lost it!

Jon & I decided that we wouldn't do anything super fun until Friday. Friday we are taking Lucas and his cousin to San Antonio. We know that we are going to brave SeaWorld on Saturday but I'm not sure what we will do Friday afternoon. I had thought maybe Fiesta Texas but it just won't work...I want to ride the rides, not the kids! I got so frustrated last night looking for a hotel that I just gave up. The ones I wanted were booked, the ones that were available didn't have very good reviews. I mean seriously, the we stay by the Riverwalk, by SeaWorld, near Fiesta Texas??? What happened to times that you just could get in the car and drive and there would be availability at every hotel you passed on the way?

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Michelle said...

I guess the economy isn't as bad as they say it is! Hope you guys find a hotel and have fun! Please take some pics. I am still waiting to see pics of the new dog!