Monday, March 16, 2009


Today Lucas is at his Aunt Aha's house! He was thrilled to be going over there for the day. He used to be at their house regularly but lately we haven't seen them as much. I think that life has just kind of gotten in the way for everyone around us! could be the fact that my family has been infected by the flu, ear infections, parvo (pups), etc.

It's spring break for all of the schools here in town and since Lucas goes to a private preschool, he doesn't really get a spring break. There is no curriculum of course, but he still can go. We thought we'd keep him out on Monday & Friday and have him go 1/2 days the rest of the week. We would like to take him to do fun activities some days of the week. I have a list of possibilities which include the zoo, Dallas World Aquarium, Chuck E Cheese's, Amazing Jakes, Six Flags and many more. I guess we will decide the day of which one we are doing. I'm guessing Six Flags will be much too crowded and we will never make that one!

Hopefully I will have my camera handy when we do these activities so I can get some pictures posted on here of my little man having some fun!

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Mary said...

Sounds like a great week ahead! Enjoy :)