Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New Page

I know, I still haven't posted pictures as Michelle reminded me. I really will try to do that from home tonight. I don't have much else going on with the rain.

I have been meaning to refresh my blogging background for a good while now. When I saw the quote on the top of this one...I knew that I just had to have it. This quote makes perfect sense to me and it's pretty much my mantra lately. It's thinking like this that helps me get through each day.

I have had so many days lately that I get down on myself and then someone (usually mom) reminds me of just how lucky I really am. I see all the devastation on the news with the economy, the murders and all those things do is depress me. I get especially choked up when I see something about babies and children being slain or mistreated by family/parents. Don't those people know how many others there are out there that would give up everything they've got to have a chance at a family? I blessed enough to already have a family and the ability to expand mine...regardless of past circumstances. I don't fear that my house will be taken from me or that I will not be able to feed my Lucas. I do complain about gas prices fluctuating but at least I can put gas in my car. I have much to smile about!

Hence, the smile quote!

Soapbox anyone?


Mary said...

Great choice for your new page! I can only imagine how hard it is to watch/hear about things like you mentioned after God has walked you through what you've been through this year. He certainly has great plans for you!

Lisa said...

Jenny, perfectly said!!!!