Monday, April 6, 2009

Life in the fast lane...

My life is nothing these days if not chaotic. I can't seem to keep my head screwed on straight to save my life. It seems that just as I am finishing up one task, another beckons out to me. Oh yeah, there are STILL no pictures to be posted because I thought I had found the right camera charger to realize that it belongs to my old camera. This new computer of mine doesn't have the little slot to put the memory card into. Ho hum.

Friday my dad had to have surgery on his back. I drove to Waco to get to the hospital in time...only to get severely lost because my navigation system is apparently not "with it" enough to recognize the newer roads.'s like 2 years old...or maybe it's already 3? His surgery went well. They had to remove some bad areas that were about the size of his thumb...says the doctor. His L3 & L4 were pinching his sciatic nerve, causing him LOADS of pain. He is home, still in pain, but thankfully from the surgery and not the before cause. However, while I was at the hospital, I went up to the nurses station to ask about visiting hours for some other family members and when the nurse looked up it was someone we had gone to high school with. Random!!

Saturday Dad got out of the hospital, finally...he thought 24hrs there was super long. One of our nephews came over to stay the night with Lucas. We tried to go to one of the Jon's games...softball tournament...go figure...and in the club house I ran into someone else that we went to high school with. It is apparently the time for catching up!!

Sunday afternoon as I was trying to take a nap Lucas comes in and says, "Mom, I am hungry for a Ding-Dong. Get your shoes on and go to the store to get me some." You don't think that he's heard his Daddy one too many times do you? Needless to say, I am an enabler...I put my shoes on and went to buy Ding-Dongs. Of course, it was only because I wanted to get out of the house...NOT because my 4 year old runs things! Ha!

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