Thursday, April 16, 2009

Random Pictures #3

Last ones...for now.

This is so typical my kid. He feels the need to show the world his food, such a boy. This beauty next to him is Molly Gilbert.
I love this because his happiness is so obvious. He is with his cousin, Rylan here. We are all on our boat 2 summers ago.
This is his 2nd birthday. We were living in Florida and couldn't make it home. It was a sad little party of about 6 people but he didn't know the difference.
Mr. Macho. We were meeting The Vaughn's at Disney World here. I think we were playing in the lobby waiting for them to come down here.
Again, isn't he just like his Daddy? He strives to be just like him.
Playing with a baby snake...need I say more? Eww Gross.
NanaNanaBooBoo. I believe is what he was saying here.