Monday, April 27, 2009


I can not seem to catch a break to save my life! This will make some of you laugh and others, well, those of you who know me best will understand my frustration. Michelle has been on my case for MONTHS about posting new pictures on here. Pictures of Lucas, pictures of our family, pictures of Maggie (our Boxer) and so many more wonderful moments. As I was sitting here watching One Tree Hill I decided that I would bring the laptop over to the couch and upload pictures from my camera during commercial breaks. Here's how it went:

Problem #1 ~ The cords that I found that attach the camera to the computer...well those were apparently to another camera. I'm not sure exactly which camera it belongs to since we have like 8 around the house...all of which are DEAD since I can't find the chargers to any of them.

Problem #2 ~ I looked down at my laptop and remember that after Christmas I took out the memory card and that my laptop has a place for it to go into to. I take the memory card out, punch it into the hole...oops, it doesn't fit. I try to get it back just sinks further into the computer. Where it is currently still sitting now. I plan to see if Jon can get it out but that would require me telling on myself and I can't swing that right now. So, how do you ask did that memory card fit last time? It must have come out of one of the other 8 dead cameras around here.

I'm telling you that I shouldn't have a blog. I should be banned from my camera. Oh gosh, what if Jon can't get the memory card out? There are hundreds of pictures on it!!! Man oh man!

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Mary said...

I'm not one to judge things like this...happens to me all the time!! I'm completely dependent on Sean rescuing me from such obstacles :)