Sunday, May 3, 2009

Oh Lucas...

whatever will I do with him? Isn't it funny the things kids say and do? I will never understand where he comes up with some of these things.

Yesterday afternoon we went over to The Gilbert's home for a fajita cookout and an all around good time with about six other couples. It was so much fun. Everyone brought their children or their pregnant bellies. At some point during the afternoon one of the kiddos came down hollering "Lucas' mom, Lucas' mom, Lucas and Molly are married, really married!" I proceed to go upstairs to find Lucas and Molly sitting in her play house and Luke immediately says, "Mommy, we're just pretending we are married so it's no big deal really." What? I was just waiting for Phillip to head up the stairs for an off with Luke's head moment!! He takes pride in the protective daddy business!!

Last night we had some late night visitors who brought over their little girl. Jon was watching the boxing match on PPV. This morning I passed by his bedroom and almost had a heart attack. There was not ONE single inch of space not occupied by a toy, book or game. They must have dumped every toy bin out. So I hollered for him and asked what in the world happened. His response: "Mom, a bomb must have exploded in here!" Ummm, where did he learn about a bomb?

Also last night when the above mentioned family were leaving our home we had another surprise. The kids had been playing in his room (obviously) and had gotten pretty quiet. Lucas comes barrelling into the living room with tattoos all up and down his arm and legs. He had no less than 10 tats on his little body. He definitely had help with these. I asked him what he was thinking and his response: "Because I decided to. And mom, they are SO bad...and that means cool." Well, just so I know!

Tonight we met up with Ryan and Ashley for an early dinner. Ryan is always asking Lucas if he wants to come spend the night with them. Now the problem is that they were leaving to go back to Austin to work right after dinner. Lucas said yes. I reminded him that it would be for one whole week, 5 nights. He changed his tune real quick. Now, as we are driving off he says, "Mommy, why is Uncle Rye-Rye, your brother so awful?"...huh? What? Jon & I ask him what he's talking about. Here is the answer: "Well, he is ALWAYS trying to steal me away from you and Daddy and that's awful." Hehehe, I guess he's not actually old enough for those week long sleepovers!!

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