Monday, May 18, 2009

Not Me! Monday

In keeping with MckMama's Not Me Monday we go.

Friday I did not realize that my house payment was about to be late and call the bank to have the money transfered over immediately. I did not get online to pay it the week before and then get side tracked while looking at blogs and shopping for clothes that I do not need. Let's not tell the husband this one!!

Saturday while we were at the beach I certainly did not let my little one get sunburned. I would never have forgotten to reapply it to his creamy skin after being at the beach and in the water for 2 hours. I was not so involved in reading my new book that I didn't take notice that his skin was turning a light shade of pink...which the next morning was red as a fire engine. Not I!!

This morning, I did not have a near meltdown when my dad & one of my siblings were trying to play a small trick on me. I did not lose my temper and nearly start crying when my dad told me that my brother was trying to set him up with a MUCH younger woman...who is only about 25. I wouldn't have thrown such a fit and then realized that they were only telling me that to see what kind of reaction that they could get out of me. Nope, not me!

Oh yeah, I most certainly did not shop online today for cute summer dresses while I was supposed to be working through my lunch break. I did not purchase 3 of them and have them rush delivered because I wanted to try them on so quickly.

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Tobey said...

Don't you just love Mondays? :-) me the dresses! XOXO