Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Unlikely Source

If any of you read my Not Me! Monday post below this then you would know about the tattoos that were all over my sons arms and legs. You would also know that I had tried soap and a washrag, GermX and a few other solutions to get it off. They just would NOT come off of that child. I kept him out of school yesterday since I didn't figure that his Christian Preschool would appreciate me sending him covered in those!

I called several people and asked what I should use to get them off, everyone that I talked to didn't have any other suggestions that what I had already tried. I was beginning to think that maybe Lucas had snuck out of the house and driven his powerwheel down to the local tattoo parlor and that maybe they were actually real!!

Yesterday afternoon my dad was sitting in my office talking to the little one. I was complaining about those silly tats and how I couldn't get them off. He says, "All you have to use is Nail Polish Remover." WHAT?? Where did that come from. It occurs to me instantly that he is right and that this would have to work if it will take off polish that is caked on for months!! He apparently saw the shock on my face and quickly reminded me that I have 2 sisters under the age of 9 who love body art and a brother who is 14 that used to love it!! Oh yeah, still, never would have gone to Daddy with that one!!

Last night we got out the cotton balls and remover. Lucas enjoyed helping me. It took literally about 3 minutes to remove them all...I had only spent about 20 minutes that morning and the night before trying to get them off.

Thanks Dad!!!

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