Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Me! Monday

MckMama is doing a Not Me! Monday on her blog at I would link to this but I'm not certain how!! I was reading through some of the other folks attachments and they were hilarious. I thought I would do it too! **Oh, I figured it out!!**

Last week I did not go through 4 pregnancy tests to see if the answer changed on them? I did not get negative results all 4 times and continue to hope that they were all wrong. I was not so silly as to forget to realize that being on antibiotics for 10 days could delay ones "flo". I also did not inform my husband that he would be on the strictest of schedules until he "knocked me up" again!

Saturday I did not forget to bring Lucas' swim trunks to the cookout. I did not have to drive all the way back home to get one for him. I was not tempted to allow my child swim in a little girls bikini bottoms and just look as though it were a speedo. No sir, not me, it never crossed my mind!

Saturday night I did not allow my grown niece, who is a hair dresser, to "play" with my hair for almost 30 minutes while I relaxed. I did not have her do this while I realized that she was bored to tears. I did not have her do this after she had spent the entire day in the salon doing peoples hair. I most certainly did not feel guilty!

Sunday my family did not take 5 month late Christmas presents to some friends of ours. Those gifts have not been sitting in my home office for 5 months. I am definitely more "with it" than that...I so wouldn't allow that to happen!

This morning I did not keep my near 4yr old out of preschool because he was covered in body tattoos that I could not get to come off. I was not so embarrased by all the art work that I brought him to work with me. I am not blaming it on being afraid of the Swine Flu instead of being honest about the body art!!!


Mary said...

LOL at all of it! I did put Ty in a pink swim diaper last summer because I forgot not only his swimsuit but a swim diaper for him. He wore one of Charlie's which was not only pink but too small. It was hilarious.

Michelle said...

This was hilarious! I should have read this before I called you. He, He!

Emily said...

Funny Funny Funny!!! All of it;)