Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Okay, so these are just totally random pictures that I stumbled onto when I was uploading from my camera to my computer. Of course my family is GIGANTIC, but I thought I'd share a few with you. Maybe I can get pictures of everyone in mine & Jon's families and post a family tree...only it would quite possibly be like 100 pictures!!!

Me and my sweetest boy. I think that we were in Round Rock visiting Ryan & Ashley here.
Totally random, but this is what you get when you let your little one play with your camera...a picture of yourself with hardly any makeup, a chunky chin (you know, wher it looks like a babies butt) and ROOTS!!!
Lucas, Fayth & Ella in Salado. These are Abby's babies...aren't they beautiful? I so wish that Julianna (Jon's baby) were in this one too.
Abby and Fayth. Don't you think they look alike? I wish that I had hair like Abs. Random I know, but I'm pretty sure that she didn't even have to dry it!!
Ryan and Lucas. He loves his Uncle Rye-Rye! And yes...I know some of you are thinking it...Ryan looks just like Dad.
My Daddy. I made him let me take a picture of him in the office the other day. I just love him.
This is a 5 generation picture that we snapped not too long ago. My Granny standing up, my mom, my great-grandma Nell, Lucas and me. Crazy huh? I'm pretty sure you can see that I resemble my mom and Granny...
Same 5 generation picture but my Uncle Dude subbed in for my mom. We were lucky to get this picture. Can you believe that we have 5 gens here? I mean, I'm pretty sure that everyone but me had kids super young. My grandma Nell can out shop anyone I know!!

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Michelle said...

Oh how I love your family. I have never seen pics of Abby's little girls. They are adorable, and I could tell Fayth belonged to Abby before you even mentioned it. Love the picture of you and Lucas...