Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010, really?

I seriously can not believe that it is already January...and the year 2010. How do you say that anyway? Two Thousand and Ten, O'ten, Ten? Just curious! I'm fairly certain that I no longer have any viewers of this blog since I quit posting things back in July...not that I was a good blogger to begin with.

What a year! Is it safe to say that I'm incredibly glad it's over? I'm ready for a new chapter, new book, new beginnings and just about new everything...although I think I'll keep those people who are important in my, friends, coworkers, etc.

I'm staring at my little man, playing on the living room floor, and I'm amazed by how big he is getting. It kind of breaks my heart. I don't know that breaks my heart is the right phrase. I mean, honestly, I'm glad he's growing and learning and changing, but when I happen to glance at him and realize that he's just passed a stage in his life or grown another makes my heart stop momentarily. That is time that I'll never see again with him. He is such a good boy y'all!

Christmas was the same this year as it is just about any other year. We had a million places to go (big families) and a short time to do it in. I felt like I had a little hole in my heart during all the festivities, but I made it through it and was easier than I expected it to be. Of course, I had my husband standing beside me and my good friends calling constantly to check in! Thanks y'all!

In this New Year there are loads of things that I want to do...resolutions if you will...but since I've never seen a resolution all the way through, maybe I'll just call them goals.
  • Get healthy (lose weight, eat right/better, exercise more)
  • Budget (I am wanting to see just how much money we can save this year and where we can cut back)
  • Get domestic (don't laugh y'all, but I want to cook as much as possible and make sure that 4 or 5 nights a week we all sit down to the table together...not just the bar stools)
  • Be a better mommy (I guess we probably all wish at times that we had more to give our children)
  • Have a baby (get pregnant again at least...seems this one never changes)
  • Make more time for me (I'll go into further detail on this one later)

I hope all of you had a fabulous Christmas and New Years. I hope that this year brings an abundant amount of time for each and every one of you to fulfill the dreams, goals and resolutions that you set for yourselves!!


Michelle said...

Woo Hoo! You're back! I was so excited when I logged onto the blog and your name was at the top of my list. That meant you had updated. Can't wait to hear more. I wish we lived closer to hold each other accountable for those resolutions. I plan to get in shape as well. I also plan on trying to prepare 2-3 meals on Sunday for the week. I hope you know we love you and pray for you guys daily!

Mary said...

Yay! I, too, was excited to see that you posted! See, that's two of us that were waiting on you :)

The Forrest Family said...

And I make 3!! :)