Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dream Career

I don't know how many of you out there know what your dream job would be, but I know what mine is...and unfortunately it's not the one I'm currently working! That being said, I do love my job. It's a family business folks and while I have the choice of whether to work there or's not like I'll probably ever leave it. It pays well, provides stability and if I'm being's totally flexible. The downside is that it's totally stressful. There are some days that are a piece of cake and others, well not so much. It's also hard working with family. It's hard to know where to draw the line, hard to know where work stops and family get the picture. Might I also add that Jon works in the office right next to mine, my aunts is two doors down, my dads is four doors down and for the winter, my SIL is where ever she can find a free chair! Ha!

All of this leads me to fantasizing about what I would do if I were wealthy enough to just walk away and leave it all behind. I have two careers that call out to me regularly. The first is a book editor or publisher...don't really care which. I would LOVE to just sit around reading all those drafts. Reading is definitely my favorite hobby! I love getting lost in a good book.

The second though is what I REALLY would like to do with my life. I have thought very seriously of trying to do it part-time. I think it would be fun to do it with a really good girlfriend or family member. This way I could keep my day job and still be able to do this as well. In my dream world I am a wedding/special events coordinator. I am so OCD that I think it would be like my calling in life. For those of you who know me well know how crazy I am about invitations and all those types of things. I spend my free time browsing the Internet and catalogs in search of the perfect everything. I sometimes wish that Jon would remarry me once a year so I could do it all over again. Of course, this could all be because at the last minute I chose to get married in Las Vegas and forgo the large wedding!! I like doing parties too. Anything involving in depth planning and decorating calls out to me.

Strange right, to sit at a job that you know you will NEVER leave and dream about a job that you've wanted forever. Maybe one day the right opportunity will present itself and I will get my shot at it!

What brings all this up now you ask? I have 3 people very close to my heart planning to wed this year and it's all I can do not to BEG all of them to let me plan them! Of course, I throw out ideas to them but I would never dream of stepping on any planning toes!!

Maybe one day I will get to plan someones wedding, shower, party, event! Until then, I will be content sitting in my cozy office and continue surfing the Net in hopes of finding the PERFECT everything for someones special occasion!!!

***Um, it was also a TERRIBLE week at work...this is probably the REAL reason to be dreaming of the PERFECT job!!***

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Mary said...

I think we all dream of what we'd like to do more than any other job--I think you're far ahead of most that you know exactly what it would be! Ha! If I need invitations to something I'll let you do it.

I HATE that kind of stuff. It's too hard, too permanent, has to be too perfect. I'm the opposite of OCD I husband would like me to be more focussed! I can't focus on anything :)