Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Where I've been

It just really doesn't matter how much I promise to be a better blogger, it just never works. I'm going to stop promising things that I know full well that I can't deliver on! It has been a crazy few months in Seymore Land! I feel as though we have been blowing non-stop.

Since you've last heard from me (if anyone is out there that is!!), here are the highlights of what we've been doing:

1. I celebrated my 31st birthday.
2. We went on summer vacation to Surfside Beach so Jon could fish & we could relax.
3. We celebrated Lucas' 7th birthday. Man do I feel old!
4. We celebrated our 8th wedding feels more like the 15 years that we've been together but you get the point!
5. We celebrated Jon's 34th I don't feel quite that old!!
6. I have worked non-stop it feels like.
7. We have endured unreasonably high temperatures outside, causing us to have zero energy for activities!
8. We have taken a small rest from Lucas' baseball games but have had practices weekly anyway.
9. We have put Braxton into daycare and out of nanny care. It's been a good move so far!
10. We have started Lucas back to school...2nd grade...look out!

Whew! I'm tired just typing about it!

{one of those ball practices I was speaking of}
{my sweet baby enjoying the park}

{realizing how much Braxton looks like my family}


{the "stink face" we grew to love over the summer}

{partying at Pump It Up...Thank Goodness for A/C}

{Transformers cake...again! They did a great job on it.}

{My two biggest boys!}

See y'all next time! Hopefully sooner than later!

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