Thursday, September 8, 2011

Knoxville Trip

Today has been one of those days that I would just like to fast forward right on through. It's been chaotic, stressful, blah, enlightening and many more. I am so excited to get out of this office in a few minutes and let my two sweet boys take my cares away!

I thought I would share a few pictures from our short Labor Day trip to Knoxville, TN to visit Ryan, Ashley & Brooklynn (my brother, SIL & beautiful baby niece)! It went by WAY too fast but we had a ball.

{Ryan & Braxton. He ADORES my boys!}

{My cousin Lee teaching Lucas how to wake board & wake surf.}
{I had to share this since B looks like he was blindsighted by Brooklynn!}

{Braxton & Brooklynn...aren't they sweet?}

{Lucas & his daddy getting ready to RACE!!}

{At the aquarium...apparently I shouldn't wear ponytails...makes me look even bigger!}

{Brooklynn...isn't she a doll?}

{The only thing I'm missing is my Braxton!}

{Waiting for Bubba & Daddy to stop racing!}

That's all I have to give you today! I'm going to try again tomorrow and see if I can be 3 for 3!!


Mary said...

Enjoying the updates!

Michelle said...

Wow! Two days in a row! LOVING this and really needing us to get together. How about next week?

Michelle said...

By the way, could your boys be any cuter?