Friday, September 9, 2011

Yippee...'s the WEEKEND!! After a stressful week (a short one at that) I can say that I am absolutely thrilled to be walking out of this office in just a short bit! The weekend is looking like it holds only great things in store for me. Of course, maybe that's wishful thinking.

Tonight my MIL in keeping Braxton while Jon & Lucas take in a Rangers game. I am going to have dinner with two of my girlfriends, April & Kindra (Chelley, you will be missed!!!) and I plan to enjoy it to the fullest! We aren't going far, just up the road to the Outback Steakhouse but that is good enough for me.

Saturday we have no real plans...hallelujah! I do have to make a grocery store run and I do think that we are having some family over to cook some of the yummy fish that Jon caught this summer. I think the kids (and this mommy) will try to get in a little bit of pool time too. Is it not sad we spent all of that money to put a pool into our back yard only for me to swim in it less than 5 times this summer...that is no lie!! Shame!

Sunday afternoon Jon says that he will not be moving from his spot on the couch so that he can take in all that the NFL has to offer! He is such a guy. Little does he know that I am going to try to sneak away and leave the boys with him and take in a movie. I have no idea what I'm going to go see and I have no idea if anyone is going with me but I fully intend to sit in the darkness, peace & quiet and relax!! Gosh I hope that something good is showing. Here is a small Texas fact: the best pickles are at movie theaters in our state! When Jon & I lived all over the country working and we would go to the movies, I would be so sorely disappointed to find that there were ZERO pickles. Some of yall may think I've lost my mind but this is my favorite movie treat...forget the dang popcorn and give me the pickle!!

I hope yall have a great one too!


PTC Queen said...

I absolutely love reading blogs from those who seem to be a world away.

As I read your blog, I started to picture myself there.

Nassau, Bahamas

Mary said...

I'm a pickle gal too!