Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blog by phone

What is the one thing that the one or two people who read my blog know about me??? That I'm a terrible blogger! If I'm not at work or working from home then I never log into sites for fun. However I am constantly looking at things like Facebook and Pinterest from my cell phone. I remembered a friend of mine mentioning one time that she posts blogs from her cell --- HELLO ---where have I been? I have a feeling because of how easy this seems that maybe I can get back to blogging - after all most of my photo ops are by way of phone these says!!

We got the boys haircuts yesterday. I didn't take pics of the little bitty but I did of the bigger bitty! He decided that for summer a burr would do for him. Is he getting big or what??

We are off to spend our Sunday visiting Jon's momma (still in a nursing home), my dad and then we normally have more family over for Sunday dinners. I love the weekends, they are what makes the weeks so worth it!

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