Tuesday, September 11, 2012

In 3's

Do bad things really happen in 3's?  If they do then I probably need to have my guard up for the unforeseeable future.

Over Labor Day weekend our company lost one of our salesmen.  Several of our "guys" from one of our Connecticut offices decided that they wanted to go camping and decided that the Long Island Sound was as good of a place as any to do that.  In order to get there you have to cross a large sandbar that's about 40+ yards.  They all crossed at low tide which they tell us was about mid-thigh deep.  After several hours and it getting dark, several of the guys got cold and decided that they wanted to cross back to shore and go to a hotel for the night.  It was dark and it was high tide.  One of our salesmen took in water, panicked and took in a final breath with even more water.  The rest of the guys made it over to the shore without realizing that anyone was missing.  They were worried but figured he decided to stay with the others.  The next morning the rest of them crossed back over to mainland and they all realized one was missing.  It took another full 24 hours for his body to wash up to shore.  Needless to say, our entire work family has felt the effects of this loss.

I have been in contact by email with many of his family members and let me tell you that they have such grace in the eye of what must be a horrific emotional storm.  They have been kind, appreciative of our support and just...graceful.

Then on Sunday one of our salesmen left a football party in Illinois and got into a car accident.  He was rushed to surgery and had to have pins put in his leg and will require an additional surgery but thankfully he will be just fine.

What's number 3?  I know that one shouldn't look for trouble, beg trouble or borrow trouble but isn't that how the saying goes?

If you happen to be reading this, I hope that you will pray for the sweet family mentioned above because I know that they need it now.

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