Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

Number 1 thing that I learned while I was in Las Vegas this time...I'm OLD!!  We went with a group of our "work family" over the Labor Day weekend and this time we stayed at the Wynn hotel and casino.  Jon & I typically stay at the Bellagio when we go but we had a Fairy Godmother that was able to get all of our rooms comped this time around.  Two of our very close friends are getting married in the next month and we decided that some of us would go celebrate there.
Number 2 thing that I learned while I was in Las Vegas this time...I can't keep up with 25 year olds - heck I can't even keep up with people my own age!  I can't drink as much.  I can't dress as hip & cute.  I can't sport as high or heels.  I don't smoke cigarettes.  I can't sleep as late.  I'm sure that there is more "I can'ts" but those are the ones forefront in my mind!
We did have such a good time though!  We got in late on Friday night and all went to eat at Benihana's and then headed back to the Wynn to hang out.  Well what we ladies really did was people watch.  Y'all wouldn't believe the outfits that some of those girls walk around in so that they can get admitted into the clubs.  We say girls who had dresses on so short you could see their vajayjays or tops so low cut you got a peek of tatas.  Nicole asked me while we were watching, "Don't these girls have friends?"...too true!  Y'all slap me around if ever you see that kind of junk outta me!
Saturday we lazed around, had brunch, went to eat at Tao and then went to Tao Nightclub.  This is how I realized my age.  They had reserved a VIP table with bottle service so that we didn't have to fight the crowds.  Jon stayed a maximum of 30 minutes because let's be honest, it's not really his scene (or mine too much).  I had a drink or two but mostly spend my time laughing at the girl dancing.  I wound up catching a cab back to our hotel and they stayed on enjoying the night!
Sunday the guys went golfing and us girls lounged in the pool and under the shade of a cabana.  It was so relaxing.  Never did I imagine wanting to go to Vegas to sit by the pool but it was wonderful!  We went that evening to eat at a restaurant beside the water called Lakeside and the food was AMAZING!
All in all, it was a pretty great trip with some pretty fun people!  We missed Ryan & Ashley (she's 6.5 months pregnant and didn't go) so we made a Flat Ashley so she could still feel like she was with us!!
{I labeled this picture "Too Much Me"!!  Who knows what I was doing.}
 {Jon & I before we went to eat at Tao.  See, he's already super impressed! Ha!}
 {Again before dinner at Lakeside...see a!}
{Cheri & I at the nightclub...must have been early bc I still see Jon's arm here!}

{Me, Nicole & Julie in front of the Bellagio...that's another story all together.}

{The future Mr. & Mrs. Jeff (El Heffe) Hughes!  LOVE them!}

{Jon, Jeff & Corey enjoying their escape from the ladies and golfing!}

{Mary, Nicole, Julie, Lindsy, Me & Cheri}

{One of our nights where Flat Ashley got to join!}

{The Sanchez's - Corey & Julie}

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