Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Recap...

I can't believe that I am saying this but I am so glad it's Monday. We had what I like to call a good weekend in our house. I think that I am so eager for a full week of normalcy and zero sickness that I've been looking forward to today!

Friday night Lucas had his cousin Rylan spend the night with him. We picked them up and took them to play games at Dave & Busters for a few hours. It was a treat because he never has anyone over. He seems to be getting at the age where he wants that to happen. He thinks he should be spending the night at Aunt Tobey's next...but without her making him wear a pull-up to bed. Lucas hasn't worn a pull-up to bed in well over a year. One night he spent the night at Tobey's and she wasn't sure about it so she had him wear a pull-up to bed. He came home so MAD at her! It was hilarious!!

Saturday I woke up with what I think was food poisoning. I felt awful from about 2am to 10am. Then I began feeling absolutely normal. I think it was the shrimp from D&B's. We had a pretty unproductive day. We ran errands as a family, checked out the new Best Buy in Waxahachie and went to see The Barron's new house!! We are excited to have them closer by. The Barron's and The Gilbert's came over for dinner and to watch the basketball game. Again, Lucas was so excited to get to play with Molly!

Sunday I drove to Corinth to see The Vaughn family and to meet their newest addition, Kate Elizabeth. Since I don't have a baby girl of my own, I'm a little obsessed with buying Kate frilly little girl stuff! To be honest it was just a super soft blanket and a couple of outfits from The Plaid Donkey & Elements of Style. I took Brody a GeoTrax Train and Mack the truck from Cars. Brody plays with them when he is at our house and I figured that Kate was probably getting so many goodies from everyone that it well deserved that Bro got some too! He is the sweetest little child. He makes me smile every time I think about him. Lucas & Jon adore him too. Michelle looked a little sore but not nearly as tired as I had expected her to. She is such a good mommy! Kate was beautiful and was a serene little thing while I was holding her. I hear from her family that she has quite the set of lungs too! She was a perfect little angel while I was there. Justin was definitely a proud daddy. He is such a good man. I have always been thankful that Michelle & Justin found each other! I like to fictitiously take credit for not my doing but definitely God's! Vaughn's...I am so happy and proud of your new family of four!!

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