Tuesday, March 10, 2009


We got Maggie, our boxer, back from the vet this evening. They seem to think that she will be just fine. Yea! Lucas was super excited to get her home. They are playing in the floor as I type. She is a handful and a big-ole baby.

Lucas is still sick. He's on his 4th day of antibiotic. He continues to have a fever but it does go down. It seems that once I think we are home free...up it rises! Jon & I have been switching out since Friday with who stays at home with him. Tomorrow is mine but I brought quite a large stack of work home with me. I'm hoping to blow through it in the morning so I can spend the afternoon playing with Lucas and Maggie.

I was back on the workout track yesterday. I'm hoping to make Zumba tomorrow afternoon...IF all goes well. Jon is back to playing softball 3 nights a week...SO my schedule revolves around when his games are. I'm hoping for an 8pm game.

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Mary said...

Poor Lucas-he has been sick for a long time! Hope he keeps getting better :)